on Cooking..

Do you enjoy cooking?  if so, why? if not, why not?

I have never really enjoyed cooking and gladly ate what ever my roommates prepared, if not, there are plenty of restaurants around to grab a bite from. Lately, I have become more conscious of what I eat, reading more about food, nutrition, and how it impacts health in general. I have screwed my self up big time with these unhealthy habits, it has reflected on my skin. I have suffered from acne in my mid 20’s. Never in my teens.

I used to stress out when ever I had to cook. Once, I had this roommate who enjoyed cooking and feeding people. She can cook anything with in 30-45 minutes, but she would also create hundreds of dishes. I thought cleaning dishes was the easiest thing to do, and I did all through the courtship. There was not even a single day I ever had to cook. I loved it back then. She started cooking when she was 10 and she became efficient at her skill. 15 yrs in making isn’t too surprising for some one to be good at it when you love what you do. I thought, I can never be like her. True to date, I am still not even close to what she is. I am lazy and prefer simple food over complicated dishes.

I have never enjoyed the idea of cooking, cleaning every day at home. As if, in asian households, the females were and still are expected to cook – definitely not true in my case. I let any guest who comes to my home, become the chef of the home. I had no shame in doing that. Of late, the trend has been changing slowly, I love to expose my newly acquired culinary skills and creative dishes to guests. I love to experiment with variety of veggies, creating new foods, new ideas. I have been watching plenty of you tube videos, and cooking does not take much time as it used to be in the past. Now, I can make a simple meal with in 15-30 minutes. That is my dear friends is what we call “Practice make anyone perfect”. Ok, I am not perfect, but good enough to get by.

I must say, I am finally loving what I am doing (no, not always). In addition to CSA farm share, this 30 day challenge to prepare food at home everyday is making me more creative, health conscious, and most importantly, I try not use up too many dishes to clean. Which is awesome. Ever since, I have organized and cleaned the kitchen , it is the source for my renowned enthusiasm to become creative. I have been freshly preparing food every day in the morning and in the evening. It takes about 2 hours on the average that includes, washing veggies, cutting, preparation, cleaning dishes in the morning as well as in the evening.

It is hard to follow rules everyday, so I cheat once in a while, today I felt like cheating and grabbing food from outside, but decided against it and prepared fresh food in less than 30 minutes. I fell in love with myself all over again.

How about you folks?

Tip for not being overwhelmed in kitchen: Have fewer dishes, clean and plain counter tops with absolutely nothing on them, clean sink and stove = motivation to cook.


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