World trade center (WTC)

Most of you are probably familiar with 9/11 incident in New york city, it was attacked collapsing 2 towers and killing many people. It has impacted many lives leading to more scrutiny and security measures every where. The lives of many has changed for ever. It took almost 14 years, to re-coup and re-build the world trade center. There is a 9/11 memorial constructed visited by a plenty.  In the place of those 2 towers, they constructed a water fall kind of model called as ground zero, water flowing in from all directions into the constructed area. The water flow creates some kind of serenity among-st the visitors. The names of people who lost their lives were etched on the slant wall around it with a flower holder. Memorial day weekend and September 11th of every year, people come visit and place flowers.  It is a beautiful site, planted with already grown (ready made) tall plants. Finally, last month the World trade center was opened for public allowing people to get to the top of the tower. Mind you, it is not free, in fact, entry fee is expensive than all other towers in NYC. But, I heard it is very beautiful and modern. On my list to check that out, some day!.

My work location is in downtown, and I pass by this memorial site and WTC tower every single day. It is always crowded at any given point of time, plenty of tours, various nationals visiting this place gives a kind of aura, that is hard to find elsewhere. I wish my office is located in the WTC tower. It would have been a closer commute for me.  I was surprised to hear that for some of my friends friends who were moved to WTC tower are concerned about their security. I feel, that would be the safest building now. Why? Once it has happened, it took so much of emotional, financial effort to re-cover and to re-build isn’t?. In fact, I feel, there will be better security in place to protect. isn’t?

Last time I read, it will be equipped with sensors that will detect the flights coming closer and will shoot them, I cannot find that article any where, and could not find any information related to security around the same lines.. did they change their mind? or was it not possible? I am not sure.

Have you got a chance to get to the top of WTC yet? or are there any of you, who will be working in WTC?

The tallest building is definitely worth getting to the top floor and have cup of coffee in the cafe.


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