Happy Anniversary

..to my blog. Today, I received the “Happy Anniversary” notification from word press telling me that it has been 3 years that I have started this.  Sadly, as I keep iterating the idea behind this blog creation, is to find something, I am passionate about. I did not find it yet. I am still hopeful and the day I find it, you, my dear readers will be the first one’s to know about it.

Ever since, I got hooked onto blogging world, not necessarily I write most of the time, I spend hours and days at a time to read some interesting blogs. I have followed numerous blogs and still counting, some of them were interesting that I regularly check back and look forward for posts. It opened a new world to me.  I take this day as an opportunity to appreciate all of my readers, for reading and giving me suggestions for my confused state of questions. Thank you, Thank you!

My top 10 picks as of now, in no particular order, which might change depending on whether they continue to write. I enjoy reading some of their posts.

Indian Home Maker

Words set me free


Preethi Shenoy

Shails Nest

Peppered Thoughts

Boiling Wok

A splash of my life

Becoming Minimalist – I highly recommend you to go through this, it is amazing. Live life with less.

Trash is for tossers

There are some more that does not come to my mind right away, but I am planning to make a tab and add the blog lists that I think are interesting.  There are some food blogs, minimalist blogs, go green blogs, finance blogs which will be listed soon.

Please give them a shot and you might just fall in love with the bloggers out there.


5 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

  1. Happy birthday Hidden Passions!!
    So many thanks for the shout out! It makes me happy that you appreciate my writings. It encourages me to keep going. 🙂 I am glad we bumped into each other.


    • Thank you Priya 🙂 🙂 I love love your posts. I just take my own sweet time to read through & digest your content. You articulate very well 🙂
      Also, you commenting on my blog mean a lot to me. Thank you.
      Writing..haha..I don’t think so. I am not a stickler to anything. No wonder, I try everything once and let go of it the next round.

      Liked by 1 person

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