Phases of obsessiveness

At any given point of time, if you ask me what I am up to – I will answer about something that I am deeply into, it is kind of obsession. The phases of different kind run for months at a time.

There was a time, I was obsessed about yoga & Ayurveda, I wanted to be an yoga trainer at some point in my life, I still want to but I am not putting any effort into it yet – so that is kind of ruled out. I went onto a extent of choosing a yoga institute some where in kerala and spoke to the trainer as well. All he asked me was to practice yoga everyday for at least 6 months before I consider it. Fair enough.

Similarly, I had the obsession of dances, where I ended up enrolling in multiple variety of dance classes and I did back to back sessions for one whole week, landed me with neck and back pain for 6 months.

Mean while, I was entertained by the idea of music classes, then I joined guitar, followed by piano – aah you see, I lack commitment.

Then, it was about raw food diet, it went hay way after I did juice diet for 3 straight days and only craved for cooked and unhealthy food.

Ever since i moved to this small home, I was more into organization, de-cluttering – which I still kind of hang onto. This is kind of giving me zen-ness and being free spirited.

I was also obsessed with travelling bug, I feel my life is too short and have not done enough travelling and have wasted my precious time on phone speaking to friends for hours on silliest possible topics..haha!. But, in the last 3 years, I have traveled  with in United States, South and North India, Machu Picchu in Peru, Canada – which I will soon be blogging about. Of all the things, I must say, I have enjoyed travelling, something to look forward to. It was refreshing and liberating. Not sure why. I would become productive at work during planning and post execution phase. Wonder why?

I have these phases of obsession, and sometimes it goes to extreme, some I pursue seriously, and some I leave it half-way through, any new thing I hear, I feel like I should do it. Be it writing, hiking, photography, videography, stiching, cooking, baking, painting, you name it, I must have already thought about it, if not, i will be interested in it.

If you have been reading my blog, my current obsession is to lead clutter free, organized, trash free, plastic free life and most importantly incorporate healthy with nutritional food in my diet.

One of the main reasons to start this blog is to find some passion with in me, till date, I must say i have not found any that I can proudly say – I love to do this. The search continues.

You see, obsession is indeed healthy. It will make you go out of your comfort zone and try out new things. Our brain and body needs new things to inspire self isn’t? So, do you have any obsessions or rather passionate about something? if so, what is it? I would love to know how you found it?


5 thoughts on “Phases of obsessiveness

      • Haha yeah! That is one hobby. Then I did belly dancing for a year. Reading is a long term hobby and spending on books isn’t a burden. Currently thinking about re-starting vocal Indian classical music sessions. Guitar phase happened two weeks ago.


        • Belly dancing – this is the one that caused me to back out dancing or any physical activity for 6 whole months. The instructor pushed me hard to do more crunches and bit strenuous abdominal workout prior to starting the class, that is the beginning and end of my belly dancing classes. My neck and back pain took over there after.
          I digress.
          How was the belly dancing experience?
          And, I did not know you were into classical music – were you able to find teachers in your area ?


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