Lazy sundays – Fennel pesto pasta

Sunday – it is weird that I woke up early. This is prep work for my month long 5.00 am wake up challenge. And I am strongly determined to follow through my challenge for really really strong reasons that I will reveal, provided, if I succeed at it. I have 10 different things running in my mind to blog about, but I am trying to hold onto it as I have a month long commitment. Besides, I document things for my own benefit for future me to look back as I progress.

Today’s lunch – Fennel pesto pasta. I had fennel leaves from CSA farm share, not knowing what to do,  looked around the web for salad recipes and I could not find any. All of them were using Fennel bulb to make a salad and use tiny bit of fennel leaves to garnish or to add a bit of flavor. I decided to make a pesto by adding few garlic pods, walnuts and olive oil. It turned out to be pretty good.

Pesto Sauce – Ingredients

2 bunches of Fennel leaves including stalks and excluding bulb.

Walnuts – handful

Garlic pods- 4

Other main ingredients

Penne pasta

Jalapeno – 1 whole or more,  sliced into tiny pieces –

garlic pods – 4-5

Salt – per your taste buds

olive oil – 1-2 tbsp depending on your requirement.

Parsley – to garnish


1. Put all the ingredients under Pasta sauce in a mixer and grind them to have slight texture

2. In a wok, put some olive oil – add jalapeno and garlic, slightly stir them for about a 1/2 a minute.

3. Add any other veggies like broccoli (if you prefer), tomatoes etc (I did not add any) – slightly roast them, then add pasta,  then add pesto sauce, add salt and let it cook on a high flame for about a minute.

You can add more oil or water depending on the consistency you prefer. I chose it to be bit dry.  Garnish it with parsley- and sprinkle some pepper or Parmesan cheese if you prefer and it’s ready to eat.

Here is the outcome of mine.

Pesto Pasta

Fennel pesto pasta

If you do plan to try this out – let me know how it turned out. As I mentioned earlier, it is pretty good for my taste buds. You may not like the taste of, it entirely depends. I had it with cucumber and tomato as a side. It was delicious for me.

Tips: You can technically make pesto with any veggie you prefer as long as you like the taste, it could be with almonds and cilantro, mint-cilantro-walnut, broccoli-walnut, most common is basil pesto. It could be anything. go ahead and experiment, and let me know if you have tried anything other than traditional and turned out great? I would love to try it out.


2 thoughts on “Lazy sundays – Fennel pesto pasta

    • Ohh.. I love basil and walnut combo , never tried with cashew. sounds interesting. I’ll definitely give it a shot next time. I have basil from farm share, have to use up before they go bad.
      Fennel tasted bit of licorice , not many people would like it though. But i enjoyed the freshness & sweetness of fennel leaves.

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