Summer Salad week

With the extremely hot weather these days and no A/C in my home only craves me to have summer salads more often than I wish. In addition, I get these bi-monthly veggie share that I spoke about earlier with variety of greens and other things that makes me research more to accommodate into my diet. It does not help, if the girl that I am sharing my 1/2 veggies excludes all the things that are alien to her, and oh they are alien to me as well. Looks like, I am good with exploring and experimenting. yahoo!!

The two salads I found on youtube and tried were super delicious and really want me to try more. The sauce that goes with it, turned out to be delicious as well. These took way too less time, and hardly any cooking required for dinner was amazing. Of course, I did not have exact ingredients, but I altered it to suit my needs.

#1 –Fennel & Cucumber Salad  (substituted pine nuts with almonds, and did not add sesame seeds to the sauce)

#2- Fresh corn & Bell pepper salad (Excluded meat, chips. Included – 1/2 jalapeno pepper diced, 1/2 piece of red bell pepper, 1/2 piece of orange bell pepper, 1 and one 1/2 corn steamed,  parsley – 2-3 stems finely chopped, bit of fennel leaves since I have it already for garnishing) – kept in a fridge for 1/2 an hour before having it – it was delicious.

#3 – Rice Quinoa Salad (my version) – Lunch


1. 1/2 cup Quinoa, 1/2 cup White Basmathi Rice (you can use what ever you want) – cooked in rice cooker with 1:2 ratio of water. i.e 2 cups of water was added and cooked. After it cooled down, I let it sit in fridge for couple of hours.

2. 2 english cucumbers – chopped into nice eatable chuncks.

3. 1 yellow & 1 green bell pepper – chopped

4. 1 avocado – chopped into nice small square cubes (I like the buttery flavor that this vegetable gives  – love it)

5. Green lettuce – since I have it from CSA farm share, 4-6 leaves (optional)

6. Kidney Beans – canned – 1 can slightly roasted in olive oil.


1 lime juice, olive oil -2 tbsp, salt and pepper

Procedure : Mix all the ingredients and sauce together – eat it fresh – so fulfilling and delicious.

Serves : 2

Some tips: You can alter the quantities, plus or minus and ingredients of what ever might work best for you. For instance, it will also go well with argula, grated carrot for some sweetness, so on so forth.

Last year, I have searched for salad recipes online rigorously. It did not occur to me that youtube is a wealth of knowledge until 2 days back for salads. Mind you, I have always looked for indian recipes in youtube, but never this salad part. I am impressed and surprised of how many varieties and simple salad recipes are available online. I feel empowered.

Since all of the ingredients are fresh from farm – I feel they are good, refreshing and healthy for our bodies.


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