What am I up to?

Compost – check, I have diligently composting every possible vegetable/fruit/tea-bags.

Cleaning* – yes, kitchen has been cleaned and got a lot better.  Lot of the stuff has been given away and or the things that will be useful when we have guests over are packed and shoved in the cellar.

Home prepared fresh meals – yet to achieve, I am trying but at times I just give up. Need a routine. Also, I have been looking at joining some online holistic nutrition certification course and I am very serious about it – does any of you know or suggest anything? I would greatly appreciate it. I have been looking at Institute of Integrative nutrition – anyone who did the course and give me a neutral perspective? I read a lot of blogs, but it seems more like a promotion more than how it benefited them. That makes it hard to spend so many dollars without proper insight.

Budgeting *– with compounding expenses lately with so many activities that have happened this year, a post over due to speak about how crazy it was – we are trying to cut down as much as possible. It has been challenging so far and I am determined not to give up and currently in the process of tracking every single expense, so I would know, where most of the money is spent and cut accordingly. After all, money saved is money earned.  As I mentioned earlier in one of my posts that I live pay check to pay check – that really hasn’t changed much.  The only difference have been, no debt accrued in credit cards.

Vegetables in the garden – tomato plants and fenugreek seeds were sowed, and reaped partial benefits. The weed grows faster and gardening is full blown out committed activity. Hard to keep up with jones! Sigh!

Produce very little trash: Oh, this is the hardest of all goals. I have definitely improved in composting area; ergo, it reduced the trash produced. I keep forgetting to carry the re-usable bags that I brought for this very purpose and keep accumulating lots of plastic bags.

*= indicates new goals.

My goals post

4 thoughts on “What am I up to?

  1. Brilliant! Budgeting is tough. One of my trick is to ask myself “do i really need this”? especially when it comes to clothes and decorative items. And most of the time, the answer is “no”.
    Also, write down everything that has been spent over a month, and see more or less how much you can allocate for each kind of expenses (groceries = xxx, electricity =xxx, rent = xxx), and do not go over your budget. It is tough, but you will feel very proud!


    • Yeah, trying to allocate budget after 2 months of tracking expense.
      I know right.. clothes and decorative items – not only they are unnecessary but also clear clutter. Aah, so I have zero budget allocated for purchasing clothes, I suffer from excess-ism already in that area. One of my other goal is – clutter free, having that goal in mind is definitely making me avoid all the purchases that needs a space in home.


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