Yes, I am stuck at cleaning the home forever. I just feel like, there is never ending session of organizing, getting rid of stuff and most importantly cleaning. It is exhausting. You might say – what’s the big deal in cleaning isn’t?

For me, the very thought of cleaning home is daunting. I think of 100 things to clean and want to actually deep clean, then in turn it gets delayed for ever. For instance, if I were to clean kitchen this weekend (which I am right now), I need to organize pantry, clean greasy dishes/bottles/stove tops, microwave inside out, fridge inside out, cabinets – re-organize all the dishes, oven – this is in worse condition, thanks to our previous one’s who lived here, it is so dirty that I have been researching quite a bit as to how to handle that. Stove tops are worse. I just couldn’t get the gunk out with my numerous attempts at washing them. Oh.. the cabinet corners are dirty and I need to find a way to clean them and bring back the shine. To top it all, kitchen floor is mostly white, how do you clean linoleum floor eh? I tried bleach, it got better, but it has to be cleaned very regularly.

I took this as an opportunity, to get rid of most of the duplicate dishes. I could not be happier. I tried finding a place and hopefully, I’ll maintain those things in place. I like the clean and clutter free places, but mine seems to be a long way.  I do not know how and why and all it started.. may be it’s just that I feel, most of my weekends go into organizing, re-organizing, cleaning and cycle repeats that stops me from enjoying the summer time doing something that re-rejuvenates me is missing. This is the only topic that I have lately been talking at work, with strangers, neighbors, family, friends. Guess what, of course they are not interested in hearing the same story on repeat from me? I think, dream, live and basically obsessed with cleaning-organizing-leading-a-clutter-free-life. At times, I feel helpless, exhausted, mentally drained and yet I fail to wrap it up fast enough.

I do not even want to talk about living/bed/ storage room.  I am dreaded to even think about tackling them. The problem with me is, I have no artistic vision, I appreciate the homes that are tastefully decorated but I fail in that area. I panic the moment I see the stuff flowing into the home.

Thankfully, I have addressed the closet area, and put a stop to purchasing clothes all together. So, I have a hope.. some day, one day in the near future, I will have a clutter free, organized clean home.

Dear you, I know your homes must be bigger, and have children, or many people in the home – how do you live a relaxed life? how do you manage your chores? I would be interested in hearing your daily/weekly/monthly maintenance activities to have a clean and organized home.


6 thoughts on “Cleaninggggg

  1. Hi, I’ve just decided to make my blog a decluttering blog as I have years of accumulated items I need to get rid of so I understand your frustration. Perhaps you try to do too much at once. Your weekend doesn’t sound a whole lot of fun spending it cleaning your whole kitchen at one go.
    How about taking a look at which is all about cleaning and setting up routines, it’s quite a useful site. I used it a couple of years ago but I got bored in the end. (I did have a shiny sink though) Good luck 🙂

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    • I just looked at it, the day 1 to have a shiny sink has only made me feel bad for the amount of water required to clean the sink. Besides, it seems to be a useful website to take what I want that helps me achieve my goals.

      and yes, I try to do everything at one time and it only disappoints me. The constant need to supplementing additional stuff to support existing ones. Just yesterday I strongly had a thought of getting microwave stand & contemporary bar stand – and I mulled over it all night and finally decided against it. It is happening but slowly.

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  2. I think the initial sink cleaning is only a one off, once done its just a matter of very quick maintenance to keep the whole sink area clutter free and to ensure you don’t wake up to a mountain of washing up from the night before. Like you say though just take from it useful tips that work for you.


  3. I love!!

    Do you live with anyone? If you do, you should give them some things to do around the house. I think deep cleaning should come later. Start by decluttering and getting rid of things you don’t need. Then, you will have less things to clean and when it’s time to deep clean, it will be a breeze 😀


    • Yes, I do. I usually assign tasks but I am not very satisfied by the outcome, so I end up re-doing most of the work which is better than me doing all the work.
      Yes, you are right.. I worked my ass off all day yesterday and still could not get to stove area – that is so much more and it is a long process. I got so tired that I ended up taking it easy after majority part is done. I just hope, that I will maintain at that and continue to deep clean one thing at a time.


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