Having goals is one thing and reaching them is altogether a different ball game. I love to have goals; after all they will help you grow as a person.  Some of the goals, that I am planning to achieve in next few months, that I believe will not only change current lifestyle but also makes us more environmental & health conscious person.

Goal 1: Eat fresh home prepared meals.

I have signed up for CSA farm share and I will be receiving bi-weekly organically grown vegetables directly from the farm. I do not have a say on what I would get as part of that package. They all will be fresh and directly from the farm. For people who are not aware of CSA farm share is – it is community supported agriculture, where we pre-pay the farmers to farm their lands. Give the farmers loan and expect fresh veggies in return.

Last year, I tried one bag and it lasted for about 2 weeks. They were mostly green leaf veggies and I had to find ways to make it edible for me.  Also, there is considerable amount of work – the veggies are directly from farm and needs a good wash. It is quite some work.  Plus, the veggies are not only expensive, but will go bad soon, so you are forced to prepare them fresh.

Goal 2: Compost all that can be composted

We have a tiny little back yard, so we sure can make use of this composting.  I need to upgrade my knowledge in this area.  There is a long way to go.

Goal 3: Produce very little trash

In my earlier posts, I did mention about few people who produce almost-nil-trash.  Of all the goals, this will be the most difficult to achieve and it might be the slowest and hardest of all. It requires lots of discipline, especially with all-plastic-packages-everywhere. I have to use my re-usable bags, pouches to store veggies (I am planning to make from my old-t-shirts), find convenient places that offers non-plastic like whole foods to buy lentils from, prepare our own bread, eventually get rid of all plastic containers and have only glass or steel ones.

Goal 4: Grow few vegetables in a garden

Learning to gardening is challenging. It took plenty of my energy to just pluck the weeds out. Sowing seeds and growing plants wasn’t that easy. I failed at it miserably and my timing of shifting was not good. So I plan to learn.

Goal 5: To write the weekly status update on this blog.

Goal 6: the most important of all, to follow through the above list of goals.

Dear readers: I would greatly appreciate your valuable inputs & provide if any website links that will help me find better ways to achieve any/all of the above goals.


7 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Very nice goals! I wish I could do all of the above – but the only ones I’ve achieved are making healthy, home cooked meals regularly, and minimizing trash/recycling everything possible.
    – I cook simple, healthy meals everyday, and store fresh fruit and cut veggies in the fridge for snacking.
    – I’ve eliminated plastic from my kitchen. It’s all glass and stainless steel containers.
    – I use cloth bags for all shopping.
    – I take my own stainless steel thermos when I get coffee.
    – My husband used to grow veggies but stopped now due to lack of time. We buy fresh non-sprayed veggies and fruit at the local farmer’s market, organic grains and lentils at Whole Foods, and order organic spices online.
    – We minimize trash but haven’t been able to eliminate it. Never tried composting.


    • Amazing Priya – you are such an environmental conscious person *Thumbs up* . I wish, I could get there and maintain at it. Eliminating trash is bit difficult task to achieve, it takes an extra effort to go out of our way and make our own products as well. As long as you minimize, that it self is a great thing.
      I produce almost a 13 gallon trash bag every week. Clearly, I need to do something about it. We trash it most of the times not because it is full, but mostly because it smells bad. So I want to compost all edible items and eventually minimize the trash.


  2. You go girl!! Unfortunately all the websites I follow are in French, but Priya already gave you very good advice. Also, as a genral rule with goals: it’s ok if from time to time, you skip one of these. Try to be as consitant as possible, but don’t beat yourself if you miss one here and there.
    Please do share with us your adventures as a gardener/composter/etc… Having encouragements and feedback from your blog will also help you to continue working towards your goals!


    • Thank you Sev. I am trying to execute, but, the more I have been paying attention, the more I see that, I have been using plastic everywhere. Each time, I have been forgetting to carry a re-usable bag to get the groceries, ergo I am left with more plastic. So long way to go. Started composting, but I see more plants growing inside the compost (which in a way seems like it is working…?) than in the back-yard. Need to fix that. I’ll post my progress so far on the goals very soon.


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