Temptation to buy new clothes

This website my cousin suggested where we get really good clothes for great pricing. They have been purchasing great stuff and they really look cool in those outfits. I recently vowed to myself that I will not buy anything until I exhaust all my options. There is a strong reason behind my decision.

I am a victim of american consumerism. I have purchased quite a number of clothes, shoes and accessories with or without sale. The problem now I face is – organizing them, or the time it takes to decide what to wear when I have to step out. I tried sorting clothes and shifting 25% to the “Good Will”(a charity based organization) bag and yet I feel overwhelmed. The clothes fill my huge closet space and 3 big suitcases. I have hard time letting go of my clothes.

Despite, having so many clothes and shoes, I get tempted now and then to buy more. Every time, I think of buying more I try to think of hassle that I face everyday and the less space that I have at home to accommodate more. It is a very hard decision to follow through.

I lived a simple life growing up, never had to worry about what to wear and what to organize. We were a family of 4 and I had very few clothes growing up. Simpler times. I feel it’s complicated now more than ever. The biggest problem I am trying to tackle is letting go. I wish I could be more generous. Hopefully, some day I will.

Somewhere, I came across “The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it… I can resist everything but temptation.” This is never going to apply for me in this case.


5 thoughts on “Temptation to buy new clothes

  1. I’ve always been a minimalist. Somewhere along the line, it became harder, after having 2 kids. Still I do my best to keep a strict handle on the number of things we buy/own/acquire. Clutter makes me feel stressed. I used bins for their toys (when they were younger) and insist on them cleaning up before dinner time. All books must go back to shelves. If the book shelf is overcrowded, we start donating some books. My rules with clothes –
    – for regular/casual wear, I have just enough for 10 days.
    – for work, I need more since I can’t repeat too much, so I have enough for about 20 days.
    – anytime I buy a new piece of clothing, I donate an old piece of clothing. That’s the rule – nothing can be added without something being subtracted 🙂
    Now there are these clothing/shoe bins everywhere so it’s so easy to donate.
    I have my kids give away their old toys and books at a children’s shelter we have in the city. I actually take them there every 3 to 6 months, so they learn gratitude (see how privileged they are) and compassion for others.
    Since I don’t donate money to any causes/charities, I feel good that I’m giving something back to society.
    When I was younger, I too had a hard time letting go of my clothes:) But I had a room mate and we were like sisters – we would trade clothes when we got bored of some of our own:)
    Did you read the Happiness Project? One of her chapters is dedicated to cleaning out closets 🙂


    • Hey Priya..That is just so amazing that you are an minimalist. That just feels so light. I know, how hard it is to maintain at that. I like your philosophy of trying to be clutter-free and instill compassion in kids for fellow human beings by giving back to society 🙂 :).
      Similar, to the happiness project, I have some other books that I pick and chose to follow to lead a minimalist life. It is SO hard, but I am trying my best to get there.


  2. Hidden Passions,

    If you like holding on to things, then that’s who you are. If clutter does not stress you, then don’t get rid of things. This is how my older son is. Clutter does not bother him at all. His room is like the Amazon jungle:) We made a deal. He keeps his room the way he likes it. The rest of the house esp. living areas need to stay tidy and clutter free. If you are happier having more things, then stay that way. Do whatever makes you happy:)

    If you think clearing up clutter would actually make you happy, some strategies that might help –

    Take on only one small part of your house. Don’t take on clothes if that is the hardest for you. Maybe start with office supplies. Least sentimental part of the house. Get rid of stuff you don’t need. Once you know what you are left with (stuff you really need), decide on how you want to store them. Clear plastic boxes for stapler, tape, scissors, etc. Woven baskets for magazines. Categorize what you have left into boxes/bins/baskets and label them clearly so you know where something goes. Once you have a clutter free desk, you will feel motivated to do another area.

    Maybe, next go for kitchen (if you haven’t used something in 2 years, you never might), then living room (books, etc.), and last bedroom (clothes and linens). Another strategy if you can’t let go – I keep all those rarely used kitchen gadgets (for grand things I dreamed of making but never had the patience) in a sealed box in the garage, so they don’t take up space in my kitchen.


  3. Hi Priya – I want to be clutter free and I am trying my best to get there. I feel stressed with so much clutter around. It has been hard. But, I guess I am trying to tackle the big things vs smaller one’s. I’ll try to start small and eventually get there.
    Thank you for clear instructions and ideas as to how to get around.


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