De-cluttering Jewelry

For now, I guess I am obsessed with “Minimalism” and trying very hard to get out of the cycle of consumerism at least for a month to begin with. Once I read some where, I cannot find the source now.. they listed some great tips to parting with jewelry that I have been accumulating over past few years.

These tips really helped me to get rid of 17 pairs of ear rings and 2 chains. I think this is a lot. I may have to do another round of de-cluttering session in the future but for now I am happy to get rid of them.

Tips that helped me to part with my possessions:

1. Does it suit my current life style needs?

2. Do I look forward to wearing it?

3. Does it mean anything to me at all? – Yes, there are some gifts that my family or friends gave me. Few that I really like kept it and other’s I parted with.

Jewelry has always created mayhem in my head, I guess I had too many and I still have many. Some day, I hope to come down to very few. In the near future, If I do purchase one pair, I will part with at least one another pair and try to maintain the same count.

First round wasn’t that difficult at all.

What am I going do with it? – I will show them to my friends and if they like it they will pick and rest all will make a way to good-will.


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