Amala Akkineni – one of my favorite celebrity

One of my favorite actress that I fell in love with when I saw her movie Nirnayam. It is a telugu movie and later on she ended up marrying the lead actor Nagarjuna from the movie in real life. Thus, permanently moved to Hyderabad. She is an animal lover and rescues street dogs or any animals that are hurt or not been taken care of. She is an social activist, currently chair person of Blue Cross of Hyderabad. To know more about her click here .

One of my cousin loves animal and expressed greater interest in joining her. Well they encourage college kids to do part time volunteering if they are passionate about it. What attracts me the most is – her simplicity and going to extreme lengths in protecting the animals by providing shelter even at home. Very environment conscious, believes in leading a simple life. Yes, it is true that she have had great child hood relatively to most of the people with great education and fortunately great career and married into wonderful family. Despite those facts, how many who are equally lucky as she does such work and be simple.. very few. She is one among those few. (Now you know, how I am fascinated by some celebrity personalities or in general any interesting personalities when I meet). Oh yes.. she is a Vegan now.

Here is an interview with her.. yes all spoken in English, at that time she is comfortable with english and just started learning telugu.

If you are interested in watching.. Here it is for you.

If you would like to volunteer or work for Blue Cross at Hyderabad.

Click here



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