Less is More – Minimalist lifestyle

Trying hard to adapt to the minimalist life style ever since I made my last post. The suggestions that I got from my previous post were helpful.. Now, I have a charity bin at home as well. I have been discarding something or the other when ever I get a chance. For instance, I successfully got rid of cluttered unused/not-working pens (& working pens but in excess into charity bin), a handbag, some socks last week. I felt great in letting go of things.


Image source: http://www.zazzle.com (tote bag)

If you are planning to be a minimalist, start small and continue doing it. It is a continuous process.

Last week, I purchased.. but only the necessary, of great quality and useful things that I am sure going to use them regularly. Being a minimalist, will make you think twice before investing in anything.

I still have lot of stuff that needs sorting and make a way out of my home. My brother truly adapted this style. He has just 2 bags worth of stuff that he can carry out and move on. How great to not accumulate more stuff? I believe this as a great effort considering my habits.

What about you? Do you feel trapped with maintaining/organizing/re-organizing/stressing out on the stuff you have? and keep on buying without realizing how much you have gathered over a period of time?


4 thoughts on “Less is More – Minimalist lifestyle

  1. I am currently in the process of de-cluttering my office at home. I’ve already been doing it for weeks but now I feel like I’m getting somewhere. You’re quite right – little and often is the way to go and yes we accumulate far too much over the years. I can identify with the stress of getting rid of stuff though. Do you end up just staring at something for ages with the unease creeping over you thinking, shall I throw, shall I keep – ooo, what to do.


    • Sooo true.. specially your last one..ohhh.. there are many such things in my home as well that I think “I might use them in the future” and it has been lying there for years and still hope to use it some day. And at the moment.. I am not sure when the day comes..:)


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