De-cluttering things from life – heading towards embracing minimalist lifestyle


Not sure where to start, I have been clinging to too many things and I am trying so hard to be a minimalist. Trust me, it is not as easy it sounds. I am trying to go through each and every possession of mine to see if it has any value, be it sentimental, a gift or things that I brought over a period of time. It is hard for me to let go of old stuff to make space for new, I keep buying new stuff and yet cling onto old stuff.

Guess what has been happening?

I am spending lot of time, organizing, re-organizing and cleaning almost every other weekend. I am tired, exhausted and yet I have no choice but continue doing it. I have been shopping for more storage items ever since I moved to tiny home.

Now what?

I have been searching on internet for minimalist life style and came across many blogs. There are many people out there who have embraced it and everyone claimed that their life is much simpler and more meaningful. They spend time on something they like than on the things I mentioned above. I have been trying to be a minimalist even before I knew this term existed from past 2 years. But I was never more determined as much until I moved into tiny space and the amount of stuff lying there to be organized is surely a tough task.

I realized, it is not an overnight job, it is time consuming and requires strong mind to stick to this minimalist idea of living. Especially, now-a-days it is advertisement driven world, everywhere you look, outside, media, mail, youtube, TV, online newspapers or videos. It is very hard to not get distracted and give into those temptations of buying more.. those sales, coupons, buy one get one free and what not… It is a continuous effort and requires conscious living.

What needs to be done?

My aim is to live free of things, extra cups in the kitchen, or extra clothes that I hardly wear in the closet.. infact everything from pens to brushes to combs to electronic media.. Absolutely everything at hand needs to be analyzed. I am in a process of getting rid as much and keep only so much and by quality over quantity that makes my life easy. And yes, at this time, I am bit tied down financially as well with so much international travel that I did last year. In short – I really am looking forward for more travel & exploration, be it locally or internationally, achieving more personal and professional goals and most importantly to attain simplistic lifestyle. It is a continuous process that requires lots of commitment, determination and shift in attitude for things.

What about you? How do you deal with clutter in your life?


7 thoughts on “De-cluttering things from life – heading towards embracing minimalist lifestyle

  1. Three bin bags.
    One for charity. One for rubbish. One to think about.
    Get a member of your family or close friend to hover while you are decluttering.
    You will feel so much lighter when you’ve done it.


    • Thank you for the suggestion. I kind of did that already for my clothes.. but I guess this logic applies for everything. Having a family member in de-cluttering is something I should try.. 🙂


  2. After moving around every 18 months of my life I have learnt to have to seriously minimize my stuff. I am a crazy hoarder who loves to keep everything – I had a collection or ‘cool’ plastic bags and clothes labels when I was younger. *cringe*

    I think you just have to bite the bullet and start getting things out of your life. Even though it might be painful and your brain is screaming “there is always a need for that extra cup, what happens if all the guests need a drink at once!” I think it will help to appreciate the fewer things that you choose to keep.

    Make a list of the minimum things that you need and narrow all that you have down to whats on the list. For example, when faced with 12 different coloured vest tops, just narrow it down to three. Hope this helps! x


    • Thank you for the suggestion Hanna. Whoa.. that’s quite interesting that you reached to that stage of living with minimum stuff.
      Yes, I am trying hard to get there in terms of letting go of things no matter how much ever i love them but are of no use. It looks like an every day process that I have been trying to question myself if I really need it and then decide weather to keep it or let go.


  3. I read somewhere that if you have something that you really love and have had a long time but it is really of no use to you any longer then take a photo of it. Keep photo’s of all your memorabilia that you’ll be sad to see go, at least then you have something to remember it by.


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