Habit of Making to-do lists

..true isn’t?
src: everydaypeoplecartoons.com

Do you make any daily or weekly to-do lists?

The day when I make them, most of it has been accomplished. And I rarely do it.. !

Laziness is a habit, the more you nurture it the more you get comfortable with.

I am trying to do that-once-in-while habit of making lists to including in my daily routine. And what a better time to start than now!

you might question of what the advantages are?

1. It helps you prioritize your work

2. Creates an order in personal and professional life

3. Reduces stress, and saves you from remembering things to do and you’ve got it listed all out there.

4. More importantly, you will be accountable

And doing this everyday will get you somewhere in life and at work – it’s like a direction towards your short and long term goals. It also gives you some sense of achievement on per day basis.

Please make sure that you have this to-do list written on paper or a small diary that you carry around everyday and title it as DO-IT vs TO-DO! .. just like the image below

What are you waiting for?
Src: http://www.997thepoint.com

Are you with me? what do you think of making and executing TO-DO lists?

Do you usually do it?

Would love to hear from you about how it helps you in day-to-day routine.

Happy Monday!


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