It breaks my heart…

When I am blamed that I am the reason for my dear one’s heart break.. and they are so bitter that I never in my dream saw the other side of them until now..

Should I be fair and think.. it is the anger and bitterness in them that is causing them to show this side which I thought it never existed or am I bringing those intense emotions that were hidden all along?

I can only see good or find something best in everyone.. nothing less and it has caused me so much pain for not being able to see the scornful sight of others that impacted me in many ways and at the same time gifted me with great people in life.

In anger, anyone can utter words that hurt you and that doesn’t mean that they do not love you, or out of care for you that they are exhibiting such behavior … and I strongly believe time is the best solution and I am a die-hard optimist.  I load all their bitterness towards me in my brains’ RAM and look forward for the exciting and bright future.

I’ll always love my dear one’s even if they hate me! Such love exists!


..and I chose not to Suffer!

Life indeed is beautiful!


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