This made my day – Share the Love

I was pleasantly surprised to see a greeting card at my desk this morning adored with nice words and chocolates.

As part of valentines week, our organisation has started “Share the Love” concept for this entire week. This is very thoughtful of my colleague to express her feelings towards me and all other people whom she works with. Small things like these makes life worth living. It feels great this instant!

Can I be this generous in expressing my love or feelings towards others? I usually hold back.. but this gesture by my colleague made me think.. what a nice Idea and how it can make a person feel better just making that extra effort to convey your feelings toward them.

It felt heart warming and totally made my day.  Aaah.. this is what I have been speaking about.

Picture speaks more than words.. isn’t?

Share the Love

Share the Love

What are your thoughts on this? do you think it is necessary to express what you feel towards people whom you interact with on a regular basis, be it friends, colleagues, or family?  instead of being implicit?


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