Morningsss.. and enlightenment

Does any of you wake up before Sunrise?

I usually do not wake up before sunrise, but I do feel great on the day when ever I wake up early and do things at fast pace. It looks like the longest & the most productive day (yeah… feels like, a day well spent in my life).

The bird chirping’s, calmness on the streets, smiling faces.. especially good vibes! Well it can be cranky if you did not get good amount of sleep.

So here I come, trying to streamline my routine life into something great.  I have spend day after day waiting for weekends, weekends after weekends and year comes to an end with out much progress in life.. and yet time passes by so quickly. At the end, I wonder when I look back .. what have I accomplished that makes me feel great as a human being.. very few things..I cannot imagine giving up .. this morning, when I woke up.. I am bit determined in many ways and have plan in place for next 3 years. Call it as enlightenment, I am all set to achieve my list of goals for this year that I scribbled in my personal diary by end of this year.

This seems more appropriate for me today.. Src: Google Image Search

This seems more appropriate for me today..
Src: Google Image Search

Write your own story.. live your life the way you plan it.

What do you think?


P.S: This turned out to be bit more philosophical and I probably will laugh at it when I look back at this post in the future 🙂


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