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Habit of Making to-do lists

..true isn’t?

Do you make any daily or weekly to-do lists?

The day when I make them, most of it has been accomplished. And I rarely do it.. !

Laziness is a habit, the more you nurture it the more you get comfortable with.

I am trying to do that-once-in-while habit of making lists to including in my daily routine. And what a better time to start than now!

you might question of what the advantages are?

1. It helps you prioritize your work

2. Creates an order in personal and professional life

3. Reduces stress, and saves you from remembering things to do and you’ve got it listed all out there.

4. More importantly, you will be accountable

And doing this everyday will get you somewhere in life and at work – it’s like a direction towards your short and long term goals. It also gives you some sense of achievement on per day basis.

Please make sure that you have this to-do list written on paper or a small diary that you carry around everyday and title it as DO-IT vs TO-DO! .. just like the image below

What are you waiting for?

Are you with me? what do you think of making and executing TO-DO lists?

Do you usually do it?

Would love to hear from you about how it helps you in day-to-day routine.

Happy Monday!

It breaks my heart…

When I am blamed that I am the reason for my dear one’s heart break.. and they are so bitter that I never in my dream saw the other side of them until now..

Should I be fair and think.. it is the anger and bitterness in them that is causing them to show this side which I thought it never existed or am I bringing those intense emotions that were hidden all along?

I can only see good or find something best in everyone.. nothing less and it has caused me so much pain for not being able to see the scornful sight of others that impacted me in many ways and at the same time gifted me with great people in life.

In anger, anyone can utter words that hurt you and that doesn’t mean that they do not love you, or out of care for you that they are exhibiting such behavior … and I strongly believe time is the best solution and I am a die-hard optimist.  I load all their bitterness towards me in my brains’ RAM and look forward for the exciting and bright future.

I’ll always love my dear one’s even if they hate me! Such love exists!


..and I chose not to Suffer!

Life indeed is beautiful!

Mushroom Salad

Ok.. again, not my own recipe but this is from our regional TV channel and you probably will not understand even if I post the youtube link here or perhaps you might have already have this kind in your list… and Yet, I’ll give it out anyway for you to try this version out.

Cooking time is literally less than 5 minutes. Cutting vegetables is what consumes more time specially if you need to make enough salad for 2 or side for 4.


a) 7-8 white mushrooms  – cut into thin slices and kept in warm water for just 2 minutes.

b) 2 Green peppers, 2 Yellow peppers, 1 Red pepper – cut into thin slices diagonally (You can do it with one alone, or have another RED color added as well.. I added varied colored pepper for a colorful Salad)

c) Grounded black pepper powder – 1/4 tbsp

d) Salt – for taste

e) Green beans – 2 handfuls – cut into 1 inch slices and boil them

f) 2 medium sized Carrots – boiled – cut into 1 inch thin slices and boil them 

g) Olive oil – 1 tbsp

h) Garlic Cloves – 5-6 – minced


Heat the pan, pour olive oil, when it gets heated 

add minced garlic cloves, then add bell pepper mixture (green, red and yellow), sautee for about a minute or two, then add sliced mushrooms and mix it thoroughly, then add boiled green beans, carrots, black pepper powder, salt and mix it thoroughly and turn off the stove. Voila..  it’s ready to serve.. and guess what it tasted delicious. Mushrooms retained their crunchiness and I topped it with walnuts. 

Here is the result… yummmmm


Mushroom Salad – Vegetarian

 A healthy and delicious meal is ready to eat.. and couldn’t be more happier for such a simple and easy recipe. 

Let me know what you think?


This made my day – Share the Love

I was pleasantly surprised to see a greeting card at my desk this morning adored with nice words and chocolates.

As part of valentines week, our organisation has started “Share the Love” concept for this entire week. This is very thoughtful of my colleague to express her feelings towards me and all other people whom she works with. Small things like these makes life worth living. It feels great this instant!

Can I be this generous in expressing my love or feelings towards others? I usually hold back.. but this gesture by my colleague made me think.. what a nice Idea and how it can make a person feel better just making that extra effort to convey your feelings toward them.

It felt heart warming and totally made my day.  Aaah.. this is what I have been speaking about.

Picture speaks more than words.. isn’t?

Share the Love

Share the Love

What are your thoughts on this? do you think it is necessary to express what you feel towards people whom you interact with on a regular basis, be it friends, colleagues, or family?  instead of being implicit?

Salad Recipes

I am no expert at it, but this is one blog where i instantly fell in love with.

While searching for healthy vegetarian  salad recipes, I came across this wonderful website where Angela lists her culinary expertise with such a great detail and beautiful photography that makes you instantly turns on your appetite.

For all of you, in any case if you are interested in checking this out. Oh.. it’s actually Vegan, oh well.. it doesn’t really matter at least for me as I try and stay away from animal products mostly.

Click on Oh She Glows link

Let me know what you think? I think she is one of the best..

Please send me across any other blogs/website where they make any vegetarian/vegan salad recipes. I am always on lookout for something exciting to prepare.


Morningsss.. and enlightenment

Does any of you wake up before Sunrise?

I usually do not wake up before sunrise, but I do feel great on the day when ever I wake up early and do things at fast pace. It looks like the longest & the most productive day (yeah… feels like, a day well spent in my life).

The bird chirping’s, calmness on the streets, smiling faces.. especially good vibes! Well it can be cranky if you did not get good amount of sleep.

So here I come, trying to streamline my routine life into something great.  I have spend day after day waiting for weekends, weekends after weekends and year comes to an end with out much progress in life.. and yet time passes by so quickly. At the end, I wonder when I look back .. what have I accomplished that makes me feel great as a human being.. very few things..I cannot imagine giving up .. this morning, when I woke up.. I am bit determined in many ways and have plan in place for next 3 years. Call it as enlightenment, I am all set to achieve my list of goals for this year that I scribbled in my personal diary by end of this year.

This seems more appropriate for me today.. Src: Google Image Search

This seems more appropriate for me today..
Src: Google Image Search

Write your own story.. live your life the way you plan it.

What do you think?


P.S: This turned out to be bit more philosophical and I probably will laugh at it when I look back at this post in the future 🙂


They say people who are into music.. their brain works very well with memory even when they enter old age.. I picked up learning piano and I did not pick up for that reason. I have started on guitar a while ago and it took back seat after one session of basic beginners’ class. I wasn’t committed as much to put forth such an effort, my fingers hurt me.. but Piano seems to be easy and much exciting.. here I am trying to bring my music talent up. Also, I could use this as a medium for stress buster. Don’t you think so?

Playing Piano with fingers

Playing Piano with fingers

One of my dear friends got me started on it and yesterday was my first class. I learned to identify notes and tried syncing my brain with the sequence of notes. The problem is the moment I switch on metronome, I stumble and fail to be in sync and I need to really practice that. Patience and perseverance is the key.

On a brighter side, I could still remember treble clef (usually played by right hand) – EGBDF (Every Good Boy Does Fine) and the gaps between the lines of clef from bottom to up is FACE. For the base clef, played by left hand it is GBDFA (Good Boys Does Fine Always) and the gaps between the lines of Clef ACEG.  Pictures speak more than writings.. here is what I mean..




Treble Clef – Right hand

Notes for Right hand side

Notes for Right hand side

Base Clef – Left hand

Notes for Left hand side

Notes for Left hand side

Most of the phrases in music require you to play with both hands and I am yet to reach that level. My friend says, if you can diligently commit to practice 20 minutes a day without failing, I am guaranteed to go way advance and much faster. The more the practice the better I’ll be. And I’ll have 20 minutes less time to crib about things in life in general 😉

And, I’ll be blogging about my progress here.. as I hit my mini-milestones in the process.

Any Piano lovers or players?


Is anyone out there who started on Piano classes in their adult life and got somewhere? .. if so how long it took for you to comfortably play around with keys?


From the past 3 days, I’ve been diligently looking up for recipes to prepare salads for a healthy body. So far, they all turned out to be delicious and filling. Eating Salad for dinner makes me feel lighter and I seemed to sleep quite well.  It is all too early to come to conclusions, yet I am very happy about the outcome.

Here is a Salad made out of Brussels Sprouts with Indian touch of spices. It turned out to be an delicious one. I could not resist having it.

Salad - Brussels Sprouts

Salad – Brussels Sprouts

You could top it with walnuts, raisins, chicken pieces or any of your choice, I topped it with cranberries and few pomegranate seeds. You should try of what I did.. Although I found this recipe online but changed it according to my taste.

In any case if you need recipe – here it is, I have taken all in approximation and no measurements

Brussels Sprouts – cut in half at stem and then make into thin slices horizontally , after you slice them up, add about 2 spoons of lime juice to it and salt for taste.

5-10 Garlic cloves depending upon your taste – peel the skin and mash them up

Black pepper little bit – may be 1/4th of a spoon

Green chillies – 2 in very thin slices

Mustard & cumin seeds – each of one tea spoon full.

Red onion – small – minced

Cilantro or Basil leaves – handful

Olive oil – depending on your requirement – I used around 1 -2 tbs

cumin powder – 1tbs

turmeric – pinch

Preparation: Heat the pan, add olive oil 

Add mustard, cumin to the oil and sautee them, as soon as they start spluttering, add green chillies, garlic cloves and onion all at once.  After it becomes slightly transparent, add cumin powder, turmeric and salt to the mixture in the Pan. Mix them and then add the sliced Brussels sprouts to it.. fry it on high flame for few minutes .. and viola it is ready. Please remember it should not be over cooked nor under cooked.. keep stirring gently until it is done. Add Cilantro leaves at the end for the herbal taste (or you could add basil leaves)

I guess, I am not very expert in writing recipes or explaining it so well as other’s do. But, this is my first attempt and the salad turned out to be extremely delicious and I could not stop myself from sharing this with you all food lovers or people who love cooking.

Let me know what you think about it? or if you tried this – let me know how it tasted.

Inspiration …

Image src:

I woke up exhausted this morning and shoot out an email to my boss stating I would be coming in late to work.

I am exhausted, stressed out beyond some reason that I know the problem and at this moment I cannot in any possible way hope to find a solution.. time is the greatest gift. Since, I could not inspire myself on my own..I looked for external source of inspiration. 

Here are couple of quotes that I liked so far by Swami Vivekananda

“Talk to yourself once in a day…otherwise you may miss meeting an excellent person in this world”

 “Anything that makes weak – physically, intellectually and spiritually, reject it as poison.” 

Speaking to self is something I avoid so much, it is just hard for me to do that and I hope to do it some day soon. Discipline is something I have been lacking regularly.. and I should be working on it.

With this rejuvenated energy, I will have an amazing time at work and be back with great post this evening about musings from my India trip.

Snow in East Coast – few clicks

So yes, it snowed bit heavily yesterday and it’s 8 inches of thickness by the end of it. I stayed indoors and curled up with a blanket and tried working from home. (Yes, an added advantage of being in IT industry)

oh boy, it was so beautiful while it snowed and this morning when it stopped. The entire city was painted bright and beautiful.

Here are few pictures that I clicked on my way today.


A tree full of snow on it’s branches delightful.

And here is the snow fall in inches you could see.. perhaps hard to measure!


Snow.. look at the height of the snow on top of this brick wall.

Here is another beautiful Christmas-sy tree that caught my attention and it looked absolutely beautiful for me. I could not stop myself clicking this picture.


Christmas tree burdened with snow on it. Such a beautiful sight.

More later..!