Plenty of sunshine

Well as you all know, India lies just above equator. When I speak about just above.. we are just literally above and no wonder southern part of India is usually the warmest during winters.

This is one such blessing where plenty of solar energy is being used as an alternative to electricity. Oh no.. I am not speaking about solar panels that is the current and most happening trend in India in general.. I speak about these small yet important things that helps us use natural resources.

We Indians, consume least amount of electricity, one such thing is not to have washer or dryer at home. So we use natural sunlight to dry our clothes.. and here is another picture that you find vividly almost all across India.

Drying clothes under natural sunshine and air

Drying clothes under natural sunshine and air

Flowers bloom at this point of time..and you must have seen in my earlier post of how goddesses have been decorated with loads of flowers.  Here are few flowers bloomed right in front of our home … and yeah those were planted by my dear mother. She loves gardening and she does best use of what little space we have.

Ganneru puvvu?

Ganneru puvvu?

And another of god’s favorite.. so they say!

Nandivardhanam puvvulu

Nandivardhanam puvvulu

And again, I am loving every bit of being here.. the warmth of family, sun and love all around.. 🙂 


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