Festivities Day 2- Makara Sankranthi

As I mentioned earlier, this festival is celebrated for 3 days straight. Today is called Makara Sankranthi.  For these three days, people put gobbemmalu (as described in earlier post) and farmers start harvesting the crops. This is the beginning.

I called my uncle up this evening and he mentioned they were planting rice plants across the fields. They perform pooja and pray to various gods to help them yield the crop without any obstruction. If I can, I will be visiting my Grandma’s village and my uncle’s farm tomorrow. I am so excited with that thought itself.

I digress, so today my cousins and their families came over and yet there was a tragedy to the plan of flying kites. My aunt’s dog bit her and it resulted in my cousins visiting and consoling her.  Prior to this incident, I made an awesome Pulav which was so delicious and nothing was left to have it again (And the picture is of left-overs). I hardly cook.. but when I do cook it better be great.

Vegetable Pulav

Vegetable Pulav

I have been working remotely in EST timezone and have been up until late into nights and so I failed to do rangoli this morning. Nevertheless, my mother and her crew did a fabulous job by coloring it beautifully and they have added “Ratam” (the one with wheels) & Pot (The circular one to prepare a sweet dish called Pongal) without which the rangoli for Sankranthi would not be complete. Here is the picture that I captured later.

Sankranthi Muggu and Ratam

Sankranthi Muggu and Ratam

I stepped out and found this kid being was so excited to fly the kite he was holding and there were few kites up in the sky, my phone camera could not capture that so well..

Kid with kite in his hand

Kid with kite in his hand

as always, the evening was fun with family members chatting around and having a dinner together. This goes into my memories. It makes such a difference to be with them and in their presence than speaking/skyping/whatsapping/vibering/facebooking over from long distance.

See you tomorrow with more festival fun!


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