Festivities of India – Sankranthi – Day 1 – Bhogi

I am finally be able to attend first ever festival in almost last 8 years. Yes, I’ve been living in united states and never been part of festivals until today. And it feels great and how I look back and miss all this fun and excitement. I feel lonely being there and how I feel content and complete being in India with family.

Instead of me telling what Sankranthi is all about, I’ll waste no time in writing about it and let you read here in wiki.

Today is the first day called – Bhogi, this is a winter season and on this day people gather to lit a fire and warm themselves up. Unfortunately, winter is like summer here.. and we decided to go against it. .. yeah I’ve been sweating graciously under the sun and got all the tan and I finally regained my original skin color. Oh.. people in India are generally obsessed with fair skin and it is their way of conveying this message to me. Be in india and you’ll become Indian :).

I digress, so we ended up making a beautiful rangoli filled with sparkling colors.. It took almost 2 hours of effort for 2 people to finish it.. and I am so glad I got this opportunity. I sooo loved doing this.

Sankranthi Muggu

Sankranthi Muggu

And later my mother ended up making “Gobemmalu”, made out of cow dung, decorated with “turmeric” and “red kumkum”, flowers, sprinkled 9 -different types of various grains and seasonal fruits onto them. I used to make them as a kid by myself and now I must have become too lazy to do that.

Here is the closest view



My mother made some mixed vegetable curry as per tradition, a dessert, and some south indian snacks that were so delicious. The day also was good with my brother making it for this event and we were all together spending time as a family… a feel wonderful factor. And then my mother took me off to a priest who was performing a goddess Godha Devi’s wedding event. It was heart-filling and amazing. I felt so good after attending it. It has been such a long ago that I’ve attended something like this. The sounds of mantra’s that they chant were so divine and gives you some kind of peace and calmness in your life. Infact, I say just for non-religious belief try listening to “Lalitha Sahasranama” or “Lakshmi asthothara” or “Hanuman Chalisa”, you’ll really feel great after listening to it (And yes, you can find them on youtube). Not necessarily that you understand what it means but just the sounds has so much calming power that reaches your brain. They are positive vibrations and the wavelength at which they strike our brain has definite impact.

Godha Devi's wedding

Godha Devi’s wedding

And after the wedding event, the priest asked some of his followers to speak about what good has these prayers helped them. Although, they emphasized the fact of how much these prayers and spiritual rituals helped them achieve their goals.. It is hard to believe but these prayers will make you grounded towards achieving your goals. Fills your life with some purpose and brings calmness during your tough times.  So here is a small girl who is dressed up for the occasion started explaining her little journey.. which was adorable..

She spoke of her journey... aaah a 5 yr old.

She spoke of her journey… aaah a 5 yr old.

Finally, it was concluded with lunch session that was sponsored by one of their follower and what a wonderful time and a great food. How this makes it for a great memory.

Here is the final picture of the decoration they did and after wedding event of the goddess was complete.


And a beautiful and fun time with family in the evening with so much laughter and teasing with cousins. Loved every bit of it. And how I wish I stayed back here forever :).

On that positive note.. Wish you all a very happy Sankranthi (aka Pongal). May this festival bring you all the happiness, health, wealth and success in your life.

More tomorrow.. Stay tuned!


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