Relationships – My Parents

There are many different kind of relationships one person possess. Some we can name as mother, father, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, grand parents, friends, lover, fiance, wife, husband, nephews, nieces, neighbors etc but for some there aren’t any pre-defined names. I have been among those fortunate people who have had the share of love & respect from every possible family member, friends and even distant relatives or the people that I do not know personally but have been loved just being part of the family. I am my Maternal Grand mother’s most favorite kid.

It is hard to explain such feelings to anyone. I just feel it when I am surrounded by them and yet cannot pin point or express it. The language of love is quite different and you will only be felt. It makes me overwhelmed with gratitude towards my parents, who taught me to be good to people around and help them if possible. It is their very nature that was passed onto me that I still possess and for the other things I acquired along the way made me the person I am.


My Parents – Enjoying the view from NYC Downtown-South Sea Port

My parents being my first and foremost teachers and I owe part of my attributes to them. They protected me from all outside influences and made me focus only on studies and wanted me to be financially independent. Growing up I did not want to study as much and disliked my father for not letting me attend any family events stating various reasons “Exams, school and disturbance to studies etc” nor I remember he ever organized any events at home. Looking back, I can only be thankful for his persistence and being strict considering our abilities, financial status, circumstances, family background. He did what he thought was the best for us. My dad thought education is the best weapon one could give to their children, and he firmly believed in it for that he worked hard as well. He has two Bachelor degrees and a Masters degree.

My mother was there for me when ever I needed. She was doing well being a farmer and was considered very smart. I think, my brother might have got her smart genes. She gave up farming to become stay-at-home-mom and went onto become the “Best Mom”, she is our finance minister at home. She lived a simple life and concentrated on our education and giving some financial security to our family by not indulging in luxurious life style. (I wish, if only I got that a bit) She never bothered my father for expensive clothes or jwelery (which most of the women does, spend money on clothes and jwelery to show off), what ever she had, she would spend it on us. She instilled a thought in us to respect elders, speak to guests with humility, never take any money from others,  (there was a instance where I found the money on the road and could not dare picking up). Till date, those values still hold strong in me. She is a great human by nature who never poisoned our heads with malicious thoughts of bringing other people down. May be, this is the very reason that I cannot think the people are bad, I always find goodness in every single person and it is sometimes my weakness that people take advantage from me. She always wanted us to help others in any possible way if we can even if any one were intentionally hurting her to bring her spirits down. This is just a bit of her and I can go on writing about her for as long as I wish.

I have this life because of them, only them. All others stand after them. I had fought and argued with them on silly to interesting subjects about life and in general. They sailed through me listening to every thing that I speak and my mother is a great listener and my father is quick to adopt .. they are charming in their own way.

No matter what, they are and will be my best parents ever. I love them.


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