Health take #2 – in Action

“Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.”  ― Mark Twain

In the month of April, I decided to run-a-mile every day for next 30 days.. well I slacked at it and have come up with numerous excuses as to why I could not make it.

Really, Excuses are not an excuse when it comes to staying fit and healthy.

After all, It is your body and be mindful of what you do with it!

After successfully failing at my earlier attempt, today when I woke up, I ended up landing in the GYM with strong determination to put that April “Failed” Decision into Action. .. and I did it this morning.

Here is a picture of the treadmill where I finally ended up working out for 20 min’s – good start! Every big task begins with one small step. So here I am!


My new Morning Routine on a Treadmill – Staying fit in Action #1

How many of us procrastinate on this very important aspect of  health?  if you are sailing in the same boat as I am and want to step up to make your life style better.. Here we go! Let’s get on board!


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