Some of my Favorite


Lately, ever since I took upon the challenge of “Taking charge of my own life”, “Being responsible for my own deeds” , “Not to blame anyone for things that happen in my life” and most importantly “Avoid procrastination, Stay fit and healthy”… the list is only increasing with every day exponential productivity.

I have been reading some or the other inspiration quotes / talks / anecdotes / stories to inspire myself when ever I feel demotivated or lethargic to complete the task.

Here are some of my favorite lately

Brian Tracy youtube small talks with duration less than 10 minutes. (that’s my attention span)

Robin Sharma’s Articles and/or talks

Sometimes Deepak Chopra, Stephen Covey, Steve Jobs

Random quotes, small stories, articles, biographies/auto-biographies!

Another most important source of information – conversations with people with their real life experiences, reading some of your blog posts.. that’s right!

I suppose I may have more than what I mentioned.

The more we acquire knowledge, the less we seem to know in a bigger context. Don’t you agree?


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