Is it something you are born with?

or is it something that is developed over a period of time?

or does situations and circumstances in your life give you all that?

If one needs to achieve something that is important for betterment of our life,  – willpower is an incredible tool that you need to have it on your side all the time. It might be hard initially but sure can be developed with lot of determination and self-discipline.

I have been intending to set a routine in my life for healthy mind and body. 

Some habits that I really want to be part of my life-style are –

  • Exercise every single day.
  • Read at least one book a month.
  • Eat healthy and nutritional food.
  • Learn and try something new. (I go by philosophy of Idle brain is devil’s paradise and certainly, I do not want to be a victim of it)
  • To not procrastinate 
  • Spend less time on phone – including whatsapping, facebooking, messaging, browsing, etc etc.
  • … and many more small little things in life that I want to get better at. 

How is this ever going to be possible?

Once my cousin mentioned – if you can repeat this for 21 days straight, a habit/Pattern will be formed in brain. I might have promised myself numerous times yet never had willpower to stick to them.  

21 Days – all it takes..  A test to one’s Willpower!!


First Steps are Crucial.

Are you with me? 

Photo Credits : Google Search 


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