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Lazy Programmer – Life at a Glance


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Yes, some of the best programmers are the laziest. Oh no.. I do not fall into that category yet. In fact, it baffles me sometimes about the career choices that I’ve made. Here is another of my colleague at work who is leaving the job and he is one of the fine developers I have witnessed.  

Often, times I pondered over, what makes one person better at their jobs that I admired and looked up to at work? What makes them set apart from crowd? How do they do it?.  I came across wonderful leaders in my career path and learned tidbits along the way. When I look back at my professional or personal life so far, I did not come so far as much as I wanted myself to be at. Somewhere along the line, I lost that zeal to achieve, compete with world, compete with self and never put in any effort to improve myself. I just got by. I worked because I had to work for living; I was just an average at anything and everything.  I can go on and on with self-blame and that puts us in downward spiral and yet it is just a human nature we do it all the time.

But, now as I gain knowledge, meet people, learn more stories,  I kind of go into self-evaluation mode, today is such a day and I want to change how I am, where I am and what I want from my life.  Even the most minute stuff that had bothered me..I am going to address them for betterment of future. And, here we go.. I started on it. This change is difficult but I am so willing to put all the effort required for next 6 months and see to myself how life changes in general and comes into some perspective that I have envisioned.  But one thing my journey so far has taught me is – Life comes with its own challenges and surprises. Change is inevitable. Embrace it.

One of my dearest friends says – it is just 10% talent and rest of 90% is hard work. You get better at something if you pour your whole heart in.  I went off-balance with what I intended to write, but I think this marks the beginning of the change that I want.

Yes yes, you heard it right.. So wish me the best.



Is it something you are born with?

or is it something that is developed over a period of time?

or does situations and circumstances in your life give you all that?

If one needs to achieve something that is important for betterment of our life,  – willpower is an incredible tool that you need to have it on your side all the time. It might be hard initially but sure can be developed with lot of determination and self-discipline.

I have been intending to set a routine in my life for healthy mind and body. 

Some habits that I really want to be part of my life-style are –

  • Exercise every single day.
  • Read at least one book a month.
  • Eat healthy and nutritional food.
  • Learn and try something new. (I go by philosophy of Idle brain is devil’s paradise and certainly, I do not want to be a victim of it)
  • To not procrastinate 
  • Spend less time on phone – including whatsapping, facebooking, messaging, browsing, etc etc.
  • … and many more small little things in life that I want to get better at. 

How is this ever going to be possible?

Once my cousin mentioned – if you can repeat this for 21 days straight, a habit/Pattern will be formed in brain. I might have promised myself numerous times yet never had willpower to stick to them.  

21 Days – all it takes..  A test to one’s Willpower!!


First Steps are Crucial.

Are you with me? 

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