Paintings by Thomas Kinkade


If only, I could paint…

That’s a wish, perhaps may be not.. I was decently good in drawing and painting when I was a kid, but studies took over and ended up working in IT industry. I often think about taking painting classes and living in NYC does provide me plethora of choices.

Yes, looking back, with as much fervor I take up things, I give up as soon as I start. Thankfully, my interest in arts some how motivated my cousins to take it up seriously and they did what I was good at growing up and with their constant practice, they have become really good at it. I am secretly proud of them.


I do look at paintings and appreciate the talent by admiring it. Yes, not the way you think of purchasing them. Here is one such painter of this era whose paintings caught my eye.. it’s Thomas Kinkade.



Paintings here.. who knows you might get some inspiration from them. They are absolutely beautiful.

Winter – painting..



Do you know any such artist’s works that I can look at? If you do.. please share it over here.


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