Facebook Time

How many times have you looked at facebook messages, comments, likes, posts, pictures of friends and unknown people and browsing your time away?

Time is Precious

Time is Precious
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I bet facebook is very addictive and to an extent that you make least effort to meet people in person or at least speak on phone.  And yes, the messages in facebook propagates much faster than news now-a-days, rather let’s name any social media options  like twitter, pintrest, myspace, linkedin, google plus and their seamless integration and cross posts have reached masses more than ever before.

I like this virtual connectivity, bringing people much closer and giving you the breadth and width of required information, meeting long lost friends, providing a platform to express your opinions out loud to the world, helping entrepreneurs market and sell their products providing employment to many by making life and business much simpler.

Social Media

Social Media
(Courtesy – Google Images Search)

With good comes bad, if not used properly.. all of your time would be washed away browsing  facebook, pintrest or any other social media sites. Anything extreme is not good. I have had my share of fun connecting with my friends, family and knowing what they are unto and spending hours reading random posts by  unknown people, friends activity history or family pictures by being a silent spectator and impulse to reply immediately when some one messages me. Thanks to smart phones that will always let you connect with people.. well really?  I, like many other addicts would simply go onto facebook on mobile and spend time as if that is my ONLY job.

People always show best of them on Facebook and so am I.. everyone is under illusion that every one is having great time and it bothers you more when you are in down time. In fact, statistics shows that people who browse facebook often are more depressed when they see other people being happy.  Irrespective of any of it, as long as you use it in limited fashion.. it is a great tool to connect with people.

I decided to part away with it until I control the urge to constantly open it. It has been 3 months and I used “Facebook time” for better purpose of “Reading books” and working on “Changing my life Style for better”. I might consider myself to be getting better at reading more books and read almost 14 books in 3-months which is quite an achievement for me and still working on the later one. And now, I rather call up my close family/friends than staying connected over facebook.

Dear facebook, I love you but not so much that it overtakes my life.

What do you think about facebook?


2 thoughts on “Facebook Time

    • How lucky that you have saved yourself time and have peace of mind 🙂
      But, only if you register into them you know how addictive it can get.. worth a try and of course, it is the “in thing”.


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