April goals: Reading books – Really?

Once upon a time, I thought reading books is boring and people who read books are even more boring. Growing up, I read only text books (well.. I have had no choice).. aah let me just blame it on my school for not making reading habit mandatory in school curriculum. Yes, we have had library but they never lend any books nor we know that library is for gaining or improving knowledge on things that interest you.. or maybe I never knew that library is for borrowing books until I got into college.

Reading is fun and informative  Img Src: Google

Reading is fun and informative
Img Src: Google

I was surprised to see my class mates borrowing novels and finishing them over night and exchanging among group of reading buddies. I hung out with a girl who was an avid reader and she recommended I read “World around in 80 days”, that marks the beginning and the momentum died shortly after. After that I read a book here and a book there but nothing out of interest and dedicatedly. Only recently, ever since I moved to New York City, my commute time has drastically increased from 15 minutes to almost 3 hrs and started utilizing commute time for reading.  Although, my friends argue that audio is better than reading in a moving train, but I prefer reading over listening and this is the only time I can concentrate and I guess this has always been my habit all through child hood. I have read more in a moving vehicle than anywhere else. What’s your take?..Let’s call it personal preference over any logic.

Reading is fun, it makes you travel into a whole new dimension of world, a world of different means, possibilities, places, situations, thought process , creativity and most importantly they let us connect with characters, we feel how they feel, you cry when situation demands, you laugh it out when there is something funny.. reading book is as good as passively meeting wide variety of people and being there where the story takes place. In the process, I might have had connected with numerous people when they see me reading some novel of their interest and speak about characters, plot and interests in general.. yeah absolutely with strangers.

Just yesterday while I was too busy reading in a crowded bus, lady behind me strikes a conversation about how great the book is and suggest some more books of that genre.. right after I get off the bus there is another women who eaves dropped on my earlier conversation and obviously the topic shifts beyond books and found out she lives in the same neighborhood.. You would be surprised, at times..without our knowledge these small talks with strangers establishes long term associations and become friends for life.

On the other hand, after I read the book and if it has some story line that is worthwhile narrating to someone, my mother would be ultimate victim more often than my close buddies and she has no choice but to hear me out.

Last year, I was able to finish more than 12 books per year and this time I want to keep the momentum going and add more books to my list this year.

And, If you like reading books go ahead and suggest me some? Will you?  Just so you know..I am not biased to particular genre and open to take any inputs that you may have.


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