Health-Take one: April Goal – Run-a-mile-everyday

April Goal - Run-a-Mile-Everyday(Pic Src: Google Images)

April Goal – Run-a-Mile-Everyday
(Pic Src: Google Images)

Spring’s here finally. Yes, I live in east coast and still struggling with winter and you know how difficult it is to wake up early morning in this cold windy weather. Despite, the fact that weather is slightly windy, thought to take some fun action than lamenting about it.

Inspired by a post on Facebook by a friend of mine.  She is subscribed to a group that speaks about setting goals of working out every day all through this month and sticking to them. They [read as: virtual group] keep changing their goals every month and what a fun way to work in team connecting virtually.

I found it very interesting. One of the goals last month was “Run a mile every single day – rain or shine”.  Although, I cannot re-locate that post, but here I am going to get behind the wheels and drive this mountain of laziness away.

Join me if anyone out there is interested in keeping up with this fun idea of this month. It doesn’t matter where you are located or even if you are traveling across the globe.

Yes, I am 5 days late but better late than never. Here we go!

1..2…3.. start.. go.. run!


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