Skills required for living in this era – all it takes is shift in ATTITUDE!

Abstractness everywhere(Src: Google Images)

Abstractness everywhere
(Src: Google Images)

Is it a competition?

Or is it lack of opportunities per person?

Or is there a drastic shift in how things have been shaping up in last couple decades?

Whatever the reason may be, it sure is not the case for one to relax as soon as you are out of college and land in a job. I thought this was the case only with people working for private institutions but it has slowly spread to government employees as well.

I work for a private organization,  My job is reliant on the type of skill set I possess or for that matter it is in a way mandatory to have varied skill set ranging from people skills to technological skills to being able to take complete responsibility of the task. Initially when I started career, I resisted acquiring additional skills set after some point, and thought learning is a never ending process as I mentioned in my earlier blog post. But, to face exorbitant demands in this competitive world and sustain through it, one needs to be on top of the things.

A slight shift in attitude or perspective will take us long way in life and in career.  One needs to be always motivated and make it fun to acquire as much of diversified skill-set one can and never be afraid to take a different route when presented with opportunities along the way.

Sounds good in theory. Isn’t?

Honestly speaking, that does make sense in every way or Darwin’s law of evolution- survival of the fittest is true but in different sense. For instance, I take some fun-work-out classes here in NYC to get away from stress at work. This instructor is a dance choreographer and found a way to establish a career and brand in offering Cardio exercise in a fun-filled way. Being open to ideas have helped her immensely and made her stand out from the crowd.

So, do you think changing the attitude, shifting your focus and pursue your dreams..

or stay where you are and complain about the situations that gets you no-where..

Which of the above options would be useful?

What’s your take?


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