Frock (aka Dress)

If you are from India, you would address what you normally call a dress in united states as Frock. Right?



I often use this word when I were to describe the dressing, a particular person wears or if I buy such clothing.  My cousin keeps correcting me for using that word to address a dress instead of Frock. I try hard to switch the gear and speak in the language and terminology these people understand and at times some words do come out. I guess  people understand what that word means depending on the context. But, frock is definitely an appropriate term (here is why) to address as an alternative to Dress and I stopped explaining or defending people and started speaking their language instead.

In United States,  every thing goes in reverse order as supposed to how rest of the world operates. It could be just hatred towards the Britishers that might have caused them to take different route. For instance, we are used to driving left in India, measure distance in kilo meters, liquids in liters, temperatures always in Centigrade and here I have to get used to speaking in terms of driving to right, miles, gallons, Fahrenheit and even turning on the electric switches other way. Such a level of difference?  But, United States is perhaps the only country in the entire world who have well organized and clean infrastructure for commuting. Not to mention, vast cultural differences.

Well, this post is not really to draw out the differences, but about this word “Frock” and I get caught in almost every conversation and forced to correct it and I just realized that I started correcting for few close friends/cousins as well.. why can’t I embrace and accept different ways of addressing when I know what it means? . Why do one have to be so civilized and so formal in conveying the same message but in different terms? I would like to think that there is no right and wrong for anything on the earth,  we do what majority of the people accept even if does not make any sense to your conscience.  On an easy note, I am glad to find out the word “frock” in the dictionary.


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