Eat the frog first

I hate to do the paperwork said a friend of mine.
I said : Me too.
Another friend said – I hate to do house hold chores.
I said : Me too
One another friend said – I have so much pending work in office
And by now you can guess what my possible response could be.

Do you associate yourself being in this situation as well? Welcome to the league!

True True(src: google images)

True True
(src: google images)

Yes, it is quite a human nature to procrastinate. And we tend to procrastinate those menial time consuming but important work. We get to the stage where we have so much work piled up, less time, more stress and sense of urgency sets in to finish them as deadline approaches. During this time, some other important task that needs your immediate attention comes, things go wrong undeniably and we think “all bad things happen at same time”, an epitome of Murphy’s law. We start blaming ourselves or others who are close to you for our inability to finish the work on time. If you connect those dots, one thing leads to another and another to some other and so on until we get to a stage were we tend to give up on things. Chain of reactions!

I have been in those situations numerous times. And every time, I warn myself of such situations and try to finish the work no matter how boring that sounds. As they say “Practice makes man perfect”, I am improving myself and yet still lag behind some times (read as Most of the times). Having time limit per day/week on such items will take us long way in personal as well as in professional life. It reminds me of the story “Eat the Frog first”, the story goes on like this, having not paying attention to those menials tasks eventually become obstacles going forward. People consider frog as having some disgusting taste and eating that ahead will make you look forward for better things [the condition is that frog is a mandatory requirement in diet]. Although, you hate eating the frog (obstacle), it is better to get this out of your way to move forward in life.

For instance, I had to file my taxes last year; I have waited until last minute, yes until a day before last day of filing for taxes. That is when I discovered that living in NYC is one supposed to pay city tax, and my employer did not cut those taxes from my paycheck and I ended up paying city tax from my pocket and had to arrange for funds instantly. It was challenging. It is always a good idea to get those tasks out of your way as soon as possible, especially when you know they are absolutely unavoidable.

How do you get away with such situations?


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