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Frock (aka Dress)

If you are from India, you would address what you normally call a dress in united states as Frock. Right?



I often use this word when I were to describe the dressing, a particular person wears or if I buy such clothing.  My cousin keeps correcting me for using that word to address a dress instead of Frock. I try hard to switch the gear and speak in the language and terminology these people understand and at times some words do come out. I guess  people understand what that word means depending on the context. But, frock is definitely an appropriate term (here is why) to address as an alternative to Dress and I stopped explaining or defending people and started speaking their language instead.

In United States,  every thing goes in reverse order as supposed to how rest of the world operates. It could be just hatred towards the Britishers that might have caused them to take different route. For instance, we are used to driving left in India, measure distance in kilo meters, liquids in liters, temperatures always in Centigrade and here I have to get used to speaking in terms of driving to right, miles, gallons, Fahrenheit and even turning on the electric switches other way. Such a level of difference?  But, United States is perhaps the only country in the entire world who have well organized and clean infrastructure for commuting. Not to mention, vast cultural differences.

Well, this post is not really to draw out the differences, but about this word “Frock” and I get caught in almost every conversation and forced to correct it and I just realized that I started correcting for few close friends/cousins as well.. why can’t I embrace and accept different ways of addressing when I know what it means? . Why do one have to be so civilized and so formal in conveying the same message but in different terms? I would like to think that there is no right and wrong for anything on the earth,  we do what majority of the people accept even if does not make any sense to your conscience.  On an easy note, I am glad to find out the word “frock” in the dictionary.

Impact of movies on our day-to-day lifestyle

Movies have profound impact on the people. Be it a dressing style, latest fashions, accessories, home interiors, social behavior, physical being, attitude and style of speaking, social change and more. The impression they make on people is something that lasts longer and gets engraved into our brains and shows up in our acts at some point or the other in our life.  Don’t you think so? For instance, size 0 is trendy thing to be in India and unfortunately staying that thin without feeding lead you to new health disorders.

Movies(src. Google Images)

(src. Google Images)

I have many of my cousins and friends, who act, speak and behave like a popular actress in the recent past movie they saw. Their humor is derived the way it has been portrayed in movies.  Even the definition of love is exactly same as the way they show in movies.  It is all so dramatic and at times makes no sense of what they do, why they do and drive you crazy listening to their slap stick comedy and non-stop blabbering.  It is hard for me to get used to that level of comedy to get entertained or to entertain them. I may have been there at one point of time in life, to speak like that idealized actress, to dress like them, to behave like them and may be think exactly as they do. Perhaps, it might be the age or the knowledge, I don’t know, but I feel funny about it when I look back and wonder what if I have had this knowledge then. Then, I would not have been ludicrous enough to laugh at myself looking back. What’s the fun if you are not silly in life?

Movies - what it takes to make one.Src:

Movies – what it takes to make one.

Love and family oriented drama are usually the main back-drop in majority of the Indian movies. Love is a universal language, people express differently at different places and everyone has their own definition of what it means.  Movies market about what love means so well that we probably never have any definition of our own. Such is an impact among youth and they fall into that trap without knowing what future holds or it might be just an infatuation as hormones make them act and react, especially when they are in teens. Some of them stay strong and some like ice melt away as sun shines.  And, in United States, the whole idea of love is fairly different. Indian movies on other hand now started embracing western culture (shocking previous generations), and trying to pace up with them.  Despite, where you reside movies do impact your outlook towards life in some way or other.

Speaking of which, one of my friend threw a party when a well renowned Bollywood film Director “Yash Chopra” died.  I wondered why anyone could party if someone dies specially who is a celebrity and no way related to him. When asked why, his reaction was that– there will not be any more lengthy family and love based dramatic movies that would speak volumes about how a girl is showered with so much of love in each of his movie.  He added – all the females watching his movies expect so much from their partners as much as guys expect from girls watching porn movies.  His basic point was, the drama they show in movies is so impractical and they should not be dramatizing and showing such level of fiction.

Well, it is so hard to convince people in this free-will world.  Irrespective of a movie convincing their plot, it is assured that you will dislike or pick up something or the other that your mind gets attracted to in that short span you spend watching them.

What do you think?

One Billion Rising – Across the globe on Feb 14th

Ever heard of this one – “One Billion Rising”?

I learned about it just yesterday when I ran into a girl who was spreading the word to join this event where one billion people would be dancing on 14th February across the globe to end the violence against females.

According to the the website or in general from overall statistics perspective, one in every 3 are bound be a victim of being raped or beaten up. This is an effort to save those victims or spread the awareness/educate people to avoid the possibility of this happening to any female in the world.

I signed up to be part of it and I urge everyone to be part of this revolution. Together we can achieve more!

To learn more about this visit One billion rising website

Below is the auto-generated email you would be provided to share with your connections to encourage them to participate.


Today I became part of the revolution of women and men who will WALK OUT, DANCE, RISE UP, and DEMAND an end to violence against women and girls on 2.14.13.

ONE BILLION RISING is a global call to women and men across the planet to gather in their communities to dance and demand an end to violence against women and girls.

 Will you join me? Sign up here:

 Right now, 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime.

 V-Day, the global movement to end violence against women and girls, refuses to watch as more than one billion women experience violence.

 ONE BILLION RISING is a promise that on February 14th, 2013, we will ensure that millions of women and men rise up around the world to say, “ENOUGH. The violence ends NOW.”

 Thank you!

For New Yorkers – Here is the link (Click here) to find the event in your area.

Eat the frog first

I hate to do the paperwork said a friend of mine.
I said : Me too.
Another friend said – I hate to do house hold chores.
I said : Me too
One another friend said – I have so much pending work in office
And by now you can guess what my possible response could be.

Do you associate yourself being in this situation as well? Welcome to the league!

True True(src: google images)

True True
(src: google images)

Yes, it is quite a human nature to procrastinate. And we tend to procrastinate those menial time consuming but important work. We get to the stage where we have so much work piled up, less time, more stress and sense of urgency sets in to finish them as deadline approaches. During this time, some other important task that needs your immediate attention comes, things go wrong undeniably and we think “all bad things happen at same time”, an epitome of Murphy’s law. We start blaming ourselves or others who are close to you for our inability to finish the work on time. If you connect those dots, one thing leads to another and another to some other and so on until we get to a stage were we tend to give up on things. Chain of reactions!

I have been in those situations numerous times. And every time, I warn myself of such situations and try to finish the work no matter how boring that sounds. As they say “Practice makes man perfect”, I am improving myself and yet still lag behind some times (read as Most of the times). Having time limit per day/week on such items will take us long way in personal as well as in professional life. It reminds me of the story “Eat the Frog first”, the story goes on like this, having not paying attention to those menials tasks eventually become obstacles going forward. People consider frog as having some disgusting taste and eating that ahead will make you look forward for better things [the condition is that frog is a mandatory requirement in diet]. Although, you hate eating the frog (obstacle), it is better to get this out of your way to move forward in life.

For instance, I had to file my taxes last year; I have waited until last minute, yes until a day before last day of filing for taxes. That is when I discovered that living in NYC is one supposed to pay city tax, and my employer did not cut those taxes from my paycheck and I ended up paying city tax from my pocket and had to arrange for funds instantly. It was challenging. It is always a good idea to get those tasks out of your way as soon as possible, especially when you know they are absolutely unavoidable.

How do you get away with such situations?