What is your passion?

Recently, some one asked me what my passion is? I thought for a moment and said – “I have none” .. later I ended up thinking about it even further. I wondered if every person that I encountered in my life has any passion for something or the other. I have no such thing that I am so fond of that I would forget time and be engrossed in it (unless there is some kind of strict deadline).

Follow your heart

So, I googled it to find what it means and there were many meanings for this word but I settled at “Boundless enthusiasm”. Although, my blog is named after passion, it could be very well mistaken for something that I must be really passionate about. The sole purpose is to discover if, any passion that I may have for anything before it is too late to pursue. This is reason why I keep experimenting with variety of new hobbies quite often. And I am totally enthusiastic and curious about everything I take up. Curiosity certainly keeps life alive and you strive hard to uncover it.

After more googling (google is my friend) or binging (Microsoft too) bit further on this topic, I learned passion can be created. Credit goes to this website. Yes, Passion can be created for everything we like/wish to do. Just that intensity needs to be increased in that area. For instance, if you like exercising, get to know in and out about it. With out you realizing you have already gained enough knowledge to be shared passionately with others who need help with. It goes same with any hobbies or habits that you can easily pick up. Consider reading books or writing or even volunteering at a charity event. If you repeatedly do the task with improvement each time, you are clearly passionate about it.


Yes, That's Correct!

Yes, That’s Correct!


Once you start working on it, you will some day get closer to once upon set target. May be you wanted to be better at dancing, you will eventually get there. Some one rightly said talent is just 10%, attitude is 90% and I tend to believe in it. But, if you start enjoying the process of reaching your target that is when you can truly develop passion for a thing. Yes, you might as well give up at some point.. that is okay, taking break from what you do will help you focus better or re-evaluate if you really want to proceed further. Well, it’s never too late if you even want to start all over again. Life is too short to get wasted just brooding over time lost.

What are you waiting for ?..Get behind the wheels and go forward!


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