Photography isn’t that easy – upcoming Infant Baby Photo Shoot.

I proudly said to a friend of mine – “I own DSLR canon T3i camera”, her reaction – great, can you take pictures of my new born baby. And I said “Yes” without any second thought.

Photography stint with new born (Src: Google images)

Photography stint with new born (Src: Google images)

I am not good photographer but I grab every possible opportunity to click the pictures. A bit of background about my obsession of this photography, Ok, obsession is a strong word but rather let’s say – I love capturing pictures naturally than actually asking people to pose. The result is often not that great. Although, I have been clicking pictures for quite a long time with DSLR’s, I never really invested time in learning some important aspects of taking great pictures. As the thought of upcoming infant baby shoot comes to my mind – I try to Google away for some tips and tricks on that topic. The more I learn about it, the more challenging it sounds. I now realize it takes some level of understanding about the technicalities of the camera like right aperture, shutter speed, focal length, lens, lighting, angles, background and more. Also, if you truly want to do justice to the pictures you have captured, you need to know – how to Photoshop them with transposing images to get what you want.

Beautiful Capture(src: google images)

Beautiful Capture
(src: google images)

I always claim to be taking naturally posed pictures over pose for photo, more often than not you’ll see unwanted pictures that you can laugh at it if you are sportive enough. I would like to think the satisfaction that I get seeing the smiles on the people for taking their pictures is totally worth it. Everyone loves to be photographed.. well 99% of them really do and I am no exception. I actively volunteer to take pictures in any family events even if I happen to know no-one at the event except for the host or few acquaintances. Looking at my enthusiasm, people would think I must be a great photographer, but clearly am not. So, out of few hundred clicks, it is totally possible that you might have captured few great pictures.. as you can estimate, odds of capturing good pictures are high in general. I might have learned some tricks unconsciously by randomly-clicking-pictures-away talent but when you are specifically asked to do the job – Now, I am really nervous.

Google is a great friend, but would love to nail down to some specific quick-to-learn photography techniques /tutorials to capture infant babies and their family pictures. That would be great.

Appreciate if you would like to share any tips/tricks that would help me perform photo shoot better?

P.S: I’ll try and share few pictures in any case if they come out well. I mean really well, really really well.


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