why are women always at Stake?

Recent incident of 23 year old female brutally gang raped by 6 men in a private bus in Delhi, India raised an alarm across the world. Today, I woke up to the news of her death, she has been battling for her life from past 13 days. I have been following up with the news since then. (Details here)

Being a female, how do I react to this heinous act? Do I feel safe to step out? Growing up, my father always made sure that I am home by 6.00 PM. I was against this restriction but he has been right, yes there is no safety for women in India. Even today, no matter how much I claim that India is progressing, one of the major social problems that need to be addressed is– injustice& inequality towards females.

Why were we silent about this for so long? Why haven’t we been protesting on such a large scale then?  In India, rape happens every 2 minutes, only 25% of the incidents are reported, of which only 4% were convicted. The victims would either commit suicide, stay silent due to social stigma attached, or they are suppressed/threatened by the person who committed this crime could be wealthy or politically strong.

Although we boast about having first female prime minister ever, gender equality rights, women’s accomplishments in general.  Did you know, being born as a girl itself is crime in India, considered as a burden in the family? I am not kidding. There are numerous female foeticides ,  female children are restricted from getting educated, throwing acid on girls faces just because they rejected a love proposal, dowry is another problem resulting in many deaths, sexual abuse at public and work places is another issue.  In olden days, the rape victims if unmarried were made to tie knot with the person who did this act – such, is social justice! I wouldn’t be surprised if it is still the case.

The point is, this is such a known fact, a fact everyone is aware of and Indian government is trying it’s best to bring awareness to people (really?, even prisons are not safe for females). But, what do we do if the officers have been compromised and ruled by uneducated politicians? Even, this incident will be stacked into history of criminal records and cycle repeats. I have a strong reason to make this statement as well, not so long ago; the gang who raped were shot to death by police in southern part of India, I was happy to learn and thought it would serve as lesson for people stopping them to think in those lines of doing wrong and getting away. Alas, that clearly did not work.

Thanks to this uproar across the nation against this incident. Rest assured that the accused are severely punished. I personally think, hanging them is not the solution, but surgically removing their sexual parts.. that reminds them throughout their life that they have committed such a crime. This not only scares others to even think in those lines but a punishment well justified. Thoughts?

RIP you girl!


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