Guns – a threat or a boon?


Don’t know where to start, how to start and what to speak about this mean machine called “Gun” and the damage it does to lives of innocent people. The incident of “Mass Shooting” by a young adult in Connecticut brought tears to everyone who could feel the pain of losing their own kin, it is disheartening.  There were 20 young students and 6 adults killed in this incident. Who is to blame for this tragedy?  Sandy Hook Elementary School Victims

There have been many tragedies so far in last five years, and what is government doing to avoid this. I feel no place is safe to be in, be it on streets, malls, theaters, schools, universities, temples , homes or anywhere else .  Before we recover from one incident there is another, and all the people who did it were categorized as mentally challenged. Don’t you think, acquiring license for Guns is so easy in this country? Recently, Florida acknowledged the fact that there have been 100k licenses issued to public for their safety.   Should we be proud of this or feel sorry for the irreversible damage it creates. Well, the ratio of people being killed versus people being safe is relatively less and when considered in large scale, it is probably “acceptable”, but when it comes to taking away innocent lives – there should/will be Zero Tolerance.

This incident in Newton, Connecticut, ignited gun-control debate across the nation. Dick’s sport stores have suspended selling their semi-automatic rifles or any kind of sport guns for time being to honor the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary massacre.  I can write about it, speak about it and vent out my anger and helplessness over here, but I would soon get over with it. But, it is quite un-imaginable for a family, friend, and relative, neighbor to accept and move on with life. There is always this part of them goes missing and cannot be substituted by anything else in the world. I cannot imagine the pain of a sibling, a best friend; parents for whom those kids are world to them are no more with them except for their memories.  We, as strangers can show support to them and strongly voice out our opinions to strictly restrict guns availability to public. Four of our firm employees lost their family members and our firm is raising $150k funds to support them in their tough times. I could not appreciate more. May their souls rest in peace.

So, how do we restrict guns? Learn from mistakes? All these mishaps happened in last five years have been blamed on mentally disordered people.  But, don’t you think – each one of us is mentally ill somewhere along the line? We speak about ethics, morals, conscience or anything else; you never know how our brain acts in certain situations? Too much of generalization isn’t?  Well, the fact is no one in right sense of mind would commit this kind of heinous act.  (On a side note, I would think Hitler is an example of such mind set).  The whole point is to avoid such things happening in the future.

To conclude – what measures could we take to not repeat this act in the future?  Do you have any suggestions/ideas?


3 thoughts on “Guns – a threat or a boon?

  1. As I see it, the issue is not guns, it’s people. I posted about this a couple of days ago, basically, 40 years ago there were more guns and no antidepressant drugs and very few massacres, today there are less guns and antidepressant drugs are handed out like candy and massacres are almost a weekly occurrence. All the recent cases the shooter was on prescription antidepressants…

    You can read the post:



  2. I just finished reading the post, Agreed that those anti-depressants are in fact bad for neuron receptors and result in absurd thinking, but advance in medical industry is to help people relieve from pain and stop committing suicide. I am speech less with this brain-damaging medicines that they give to any one and everyone when one approaches a physician with a statement like “I am depressed”. I guess, the medical field should collaborate with law in this aspect?


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