Sunday Experiments – Learning Crochet Patterns

One part of my brain wanted to explore “Art of Crocheting” and I could not dismiss it. I only knew beginners basic pattern you can think of, and I decided to make some scarf, but really.. I have no idea of making any kind of patterns at all. Besides, thanks giving sale is around the corner and you would get amazing woolen scarfs for less than $10.

So, it begs a question – why would you want to invest your time, energy, money and most importantly strain on eyes to do from scratch? (.. may be some kind of satisfaction or pride that you’ve created something wonderful). But, I do have whole lot of appreciation for who ever can make is an undeniable talent. Irrespective of  what my one part of brain thinks, I decided to invest some time and experiment around learning patterns using crochet tutorials on youtube. [[As always, I have tremendous respect for technology that is a greatest teacher for curious minds like me]]

…and I totally messed up with “what they taught in the video” Vs “what I made out of it”.. I call it a “unknown pattern”.

My first Crochet Pattern

I am stuck here, not sure whether to stop it or to continue with the flow? Ideas?

Next steps?

You are most welcome to come up with any creative name for the above pattern that comes to your mind as you look at pictures posted above.

It is always good to experiment around and give some work to our brains. Brain is a muscle, the more you make it work, the more active and sharp it becomes. And the same concept goes with anything in life. Curiosity in life is very important, and having some hobbies will make your brain relax and perform its job. There is always a first step for any task that you want to accomplish. Step in and see for yourself. Think about it? does it trigger any thing?

p.s: I am really interested in learning more, would you please provide me with cool links that is more self-explanatory in trying this out with ease?

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