Conversation with a Stranger – it’s Strange!

As I walk out of the subway and heading home, here is the funny conversation with a stranger (Atleast, I thought it’s funny)

Stranger: Where is the hospital?

Me: It’s down one block, follow me. Are you visiting some one?

Stranger: My friend gave birth to a baby boy.

Me: Oh good.

Stranger: Are you visiting some body in hospital?

Me: I live here

Stranger: Where do you work.

Me: In the city

Stranger:  We have part time or full time  job in Finance, can you do that?

Me: What is the job about? (as if I am going to consider it, seriously ..what was I even thinking to ask such a question..)

Stranger: Quite a lot of things to do,…ummm… a lot of things… umm.. you can work on life insurances etc ..speak with my manager.

Me: *goes silent for few seconds..* .. I don’t have so much spare time to consider that option. ..and That’s the hospital right across.

Stranger: ohh no time..ok.. Thank you.

….I ended up getting away from that person as fast as I can to another lane and increased the momentum. Really, do I look like some one  who can deal with finances? perhaps the place where I work must have triggered him the thought to ask that question.. or may be my dressing (yeah, totally shabbily dressed this evening with some fat textbook in hand looking geek-ish, yes as you can guess a trip to library) might have made him assume that I’m jobless and displayed generosity by offering me a job or could have had some malicious thoughts behind.. who knows. Most importantly, how can you even trust a stranger with in couple minutes?

It’s a great learning experience living in NYC. As people do not really smile at each other in this city unlike other place I’ve lived so far and when you smile at them, you have to be extremely careful in not-prolonging the conversation in any case. You-never-know-how-crazy-one-can-be. Again, not always though.

Have you had such experiences?


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