Day trip to Harbor Side in New Jersey

A mandatory trip to Harbor Side in New Jersey was worth the time and effort. Ended up traveling by Ferry from mid-town Manhattan, NY (pier -79 on 39th St and 12th avenue) to Harbor Side, NJ. The ferry ride was way quicker than I thought and surprisingly the seating arrangement is amazingly comfortable and within no time I landed there. Besides, the shuttles that take you to ferries are equally comfortable to ride in.

As you land, you’ll see the beautiful skyline of Manhattan Downtown, NY and felt as if I just crossed over from one end of NY to other end of NJ.  The best part about today was to meet the people I have only interacted over the phone.. of course I’m speaking about my colleagues and spend some fantastic time with my Team after 3 long weeks. It felt like forever.

Skyline of Manhattan downtown from New Jersey

Some times you would only know the true value when you badly miss something, and we take things for granted without our knowledge. And yes, as much as I crib about certain attitudes and personalities of the people I work with to my dear ones, I equally miss seeing them and in fact they are the fun people to compete and work with.

Some pictures clicked while walking on the streets of Harbor Side.

The tallest building in this skyline you see is the world trade center from distance.

Tallest building is the World Trade Center

The streets seemed to be pretty empty, or perhaps I choose the wrong time to step out. Interesting fact, they have light rail road (the trains are operated on roads)

Not many people around

And you should check out the Van Houtte Cafe, an European coffee shop, tasted much much better than Starbucks. It is on the Green St, Harbor Side, NJ. [ I know I mentioned no coffee in my previous blog, but it has been a week and I gave in for temptation].

The Statue seemed pretty interesting to not miss the click, there is some significance attached and I did not had enough time to know more about it .. let us save it for next trip or If you know about it, I would be more than glad to hear about it.

Interesting statue

and here is the last click – Water front.

Beautiful view

The most beautiful was the night view, got too lazy to click any more pictures. On our way back, there were bunch of people doing “Yoga” in this cold weather.. I wonder how they could warm up and flexibly bend their body parts.

Is it true that “we meet people for a reason”?


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