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Diwali Celebrations are on…

Diwali (or Deepavali) is festival widely celebrated in India. There is a reason and story behind every festival, like wise there is one for this too. Instead of me writing about it, I’ll point you to one of the blog that I follow for you to know more about it. (Click here for the story). This festival is a celebration of triumph of good over evil.

Traveling back in time to one of my most beautiful memory lane, as part of the preparations for this festival.. we would have to prepare the list of fire crackers and hand over it to my dad. He would then take us to store near by and get us all we want, that would be sufficient for 3 days. And at home, there will be intensive house cleaning activities go on, painting the home, cleaning, washing, re-organizing and throwing away unwanted items..and so on so forth.

On the day of Diwali, the corridor’s are decorated with Mango leaves

Mango Leaves on Doors

Prayer to Goddess Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth) is performed at home and at respective business locations

Goddess Lakshmi


Sweets are distributed amongst neighbors, friends and families. This is the most fun part,  by the end of the day you would have so many sweet boxes lying around and a difficult time for parents to stop their kids from eating all the unhealthy food in the world. Yes, just like candy’s that kids collect during Halloween festival.






Then shopping for fire-crackers

Fire-Crackers shopping

as the day begins to get darker, you’ll get to see all the lights in the sky, loud sounds, people decorating their surroundings with candle lights (called as Diya’s) , the diya’s that we use are usually made out of mud, the oil is poured into those small-little containers and a cotton made like a thickest thread is inserted into it, then they are lighted with match stick.

Diya’s in mud containers

These are now placed around the home

Diya’s placed around the home

These Diya’s are used to fire the crackers.  Fun starts from the morning! This produces so much of noise pollution and it is hard to get away with it unless you have sound-proof homes. Unfortunately, if one is not very careful about these things, this is the time where one could burn themselves and burn places as well.

Biggest Ladi – fun starts from the morning

and then in the evening, people gather at one place and start playing with fire crackers until late in the mid-night. It is such a wonderful experience to participate in the event without being worried about harm that it could cause you.

Pool Chadi – kids usually love them

and other not-so-dangerous fire crackers (I really enjoy all these things and here I am in different country missing the fun)

Chichu Buddi


There have been instances where my hands, sometimes legs were burnt because of being careless about it. It would take many days to recover from those injuries and yet, we look forward for this festival with the same levelof enthusiasm.

and these go on until mid night or at times almost until morning, this not only creates noise pollution but also air pollution. Here is the mess that you see on every street and home, the more you burn the more trash it accumulates.

Mess after Diwali day

A great festival, that used to be my day on Diwali and now, it’s different – all we do is host or attend a Diwali event, at the max we would burn the “pool chadi”  the one you hold in your hands and burn. If you truly want to enjoy Diwali, you have got to make a trip to India. There could never be any better place than India to celebrate this festival.

This is a picture of India from NASA on a Diwali Day. This how big it is celebrated.

India on Diwali Night

With this the celebration comes to end!

To all my dear readers of this blog: Wishing you a fabulous Diwali. Wish this festival bring you happiness, wealth and success your way.

P.S: My memories still fresh from my childhood. Hope to celebrate this day again in the future with the same excitement and enthusiasm.