Wall St – Battery Park – World Financial Center – Walk

I know, I have been talking about hurricane Sandy quite a bit in last couple posts. Thanks to Sandy, I am almost house arrested for more than 15 days now. (Trust me, it’s no fun to work from home every-single-day) Unfortunately, I have to work over this weekend as well but luckily I was able squeeze some time out for a weekend activity class that I’ve been meaning to catch up with and then off to visit Manhattan Downtown.

Usually in weekends, you find many tourists on Wall St and today for obvious reasons there weren’t many. As I walk on Wall St clicking pictures and specially the buildings closer to Hudson river are damaged the most. There were quite a bit of machinery and people working in restoring to it’s original fame.

Not many tourists near New York Stock Exchange(NYSE) unlike regular weekend rush.

New York Stock Exchange(NYSE)

Most of the girls favorite store on Wall St with no one in there – Tiffany’s Diamonds

Tiffany & co.

Need more information? – Downtown Map

Lower Manhattan – Information

How to get there? – 4,5,1,2,3,J,Z ,R trains will come to downtown. And you can easily figure out from MTA subway map.

.. and from Wall St, headed to Battery Park to check out the devastation.. passing through stops of Heliport, Governor’s Island, Staten Island, Statue of Liberty and along the deck to Battery Park finally leading to World Financial Center(WFC) buildings, ended up grabbing some coffee from Starbucks relaxing in WFC.

Below are the pictures in sequence with descriptions.

By now, I am too tired and lost my way out in World financial center circling back and forth with in the building trying to find a way out to subway.

Happy Browsing!

P.S: Surprisingly, today.. there were many tourists from France (May be, it’s just that I only paid attention to them).


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