It’s Snow time – excitement!

The best thing about living in east-coast is you will get to experience all four seasons unlike other places in united states. Growing up, I have always wished to see a snow fall, play with snow and build a snow man in the snow. That was the desire that came true only after I landed in this country for my higher studies. I played crazily in snow with other crazy friends, that was first snow, was excited every time it snowed in that year.


It did not snow as much last winter (blame it on global warming), but now I’m really excited as I see the snow fall again.  Beautiful snow pictures for eye treat.

Snow and Sky

It was bit stronger wind than I expected. Snow mixed with sleet, this combination is considered scary and might lead to accidents if you are not prepared for it. One needs to drive very carefully.

Snow Crazy

In front of a grocery store, wasn’t fun carrying  groceries in this windy snow.

Snowing – view from grocery store

Do you like it?  How was your first snow to share?

P.S: This is part of snow storm in east coast with possible flooding and affecting sandy victims even further.


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