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Post Sandy

It has truly been a rough time especially for New Yorkers and New Jersey residents. Luckily, I was not impacted by it. Happened to step out on Friday evening, there was limited service of trains and buses, huge crowds every where, specifically in subway’s people were waiting in huge lines to get back to their homes.  The Manhattan downtown is still out of power. Below picture depicts half-nyc-illuminated.

Half and Half (bird eye view)
src: google images

There were many famous artists gathered to raise funds near Rock-a-fella center organized by Red Cross for Sandy Victims. They sung sad as well as inspiring songs to show empathy to people who lost their friends and family members, and gave them hope.  It is the time where one needs to hold onto the hope and look forward for brighter future. This was inevitable and damage was not-justified, but having positive attitude in tough times is what makes one grow stronger. This destruction will help us think in innovative ways to come up with better solutions to address these problems for us as well as for our future generations.

The NYC-Halloween celebrations were cancelled out for obvious reasons. I’ve seen no one dressed up in costumes on Halloween day as supposed to last year. I heard too many door bells from kids for ‘trick’ or ‘treat’. Unfortunately, neither I brought candy’s to distribute nor taught them any tricks. I forgot about it.

Some pre-halloween pictures, where this store is all decorated to reflect ‘Halloween’ festivity. Learn about Halloween here!

Grocery Store – Halloween-o-fied

Pumpkins everywhere – people carve pumpkins on a Halloween day.


Spider webs is a common-thing used in decoration..just to create that scariness among people. I truly get scared if I were to go alone and in Dark!

..Scary webs everywhere!

You see people conceal their identity with crazy-scary masks.

Masks – Demonic

There are many ways people celebrate Halloween, an harvesting festival & festival of dead. I am not going to get in details with my half-and-half knowledge about it but sure it has some fun associated with it, people dress up in costumes, families & friends gather and do some fun pumpkin-carvings, there will be numerous haunted houses, play pranks and exchange horror stories.

Some other pictures captured on Friday evening (they are not related to any sandy activities but some artistic side of NYC).

Near Central park

Amazed at the small little crane more than the work they were performing.

Crane and work in progress

Most importantly, today is a election day! Please Vote , a responsibility of every United States Citizen! Here is where you can locate the poll (Click here) in NYC.

P.S: My work location is still affected and I am forced to enjoy working away from team!

[[update]] PS: There is one more storm on it’s way, all the parks in NYC are closed from tomorrow noon to day after. “I am New Yorker” is a common statement you hear coz they are unafraid of anything, yet here all the storms/hurricanes/earth quakes are unexpected guests here.