Trails of Sandy – only getting worse!


update (10/31) : For all the New Yorkers who are out of power, good news is that NYSC (New York Sports Club) is now open for public to use the amenities/services for free. For more information – Click Here

Please pass it on to people whom you know want to charge their phones/ take shower/ relieve stress etc.


As much as I wished this has not happened. But Sandy did left a trail with a total of 65 (Caribbean), 33(United States) that includes 18 deaths alone in NYC.

It is worth appreciating the efforts of United States in acting on it and taking this storm seriously and tried their best to ensure the safety of the people. It turned out to be much worse than expected, NYC Manhattan is totally flooded with water, no electricity to 750,000 households, subways filled with water causing transit turmoil, trouble to patients in hospital that needed to be evacuated. Yes, you sure can get these facts on any news channels across the world. And the estimated costs with so many businesses shutting down, air flights cancelling, power outages, damages to homes, parks, cars and many more is as of now 26+ billion dollars, yes you heard it right.

The place where I work is damaged, flooded with water and estimated time to fix is not known yet, water started cascading back into the rivers/oceans.  It means I’ll need to work remotely for rest of the week (a blessing in disguise) may be more depending on how soon they restore the transit services and buildings ready to operate with power. Besides, my whole team have no power or internet connectivity in their respective areas, and it might take few days to restore.

They need a lot of volunteers of any capacity in NYC  – register here

I am not able to reach any of my friends here in NYC, NJ area, the calls are directly going to voice mail, possibly out of power. I hope they are doing well. On that note, I could not thank enough of what “Red Cross” is doing in providing shelter to people is just amazing.

This morning was quite calm, bright and beautiful.

Bright and Beautiful after Sandy’s gone from NYC

Fall is done! Sandy made all leaves fall off the trees.

Leaves piled up!


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