Hurricane Sandy : In Preparation

Mother nature! Whom we have no control over but still strive to escape from it’s aggression. Here we are in NYC facing this again in a span of 1 year. Last year it was hurricane Irene that did not hit but now she is back with a bang!

Satellite View of Sandy’s Wrath (src: google images)

Welcome Sandy! (and please do not take any more lives – is that all I can hope for)!

In preparation to face the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, like everyone else in NYC..I have prepared a to-go bag with all important things in it. I have the bag so ready to jump out and go to safe place in any case if they announce the mandatory evacuation in our area.

They have shutdown NYC MTA (trains and buses), closed down all the stores and Hurricane Shelters are open for people who want to be safe than feel sorry.

Click here to find out if you or your friends/family are in safe zone .

More details here

Nothing will stop the normal flow of lives in other parts, ..Obama is back for his presidential camping in Florida tomorrow.

To all my dear New yorkers and others who are declared under “Emergency States”. Please stay safe.

Map View (src:google images)

P.S: I just got a message from work that, I do not have to show up at work tomorrow.  Relaxation in Disguise?

P.S: Winds are gushing at 85+mph right now, lower Manhattan is flooded, and many other low lying areas are flooded. This is worse than anticipated. I hope people find a way out of these flooding and stay safe. [on a side note, i still wonder how the reporters risk their life to be there and share the news]


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