Punjabi Sword Fighting

Ever heard about Punjabi Sword Fighting? I knew about sword fighting but not particularly to “punjabi’s sword fighting”.

I was talking to friend of mine recently as he mentioned about “Punjabi Sword fighting”. After reading the blog pointed out to me, I found the whole idea to be innovative and totally hilarious. I could not stop laughing at it. I found it too funny and told him it is definitely going on my blog.

The reason why it became popular on reddit and now an urbanslang too because the white Mexican (corrected by the author of the reddit post) guy wanted to marry an Indian girl from Punjab and the girls father has asked him to do Punjabi sword fighting with him and win his daughter away to marry her. Apparently, this guy freaked out and started to find ways to avoid it altogether. His posts and updates for suggestions became so popular that when you type punjab in google search, it prompts you with punjabi sword fighting! Check yourself out.

Punjabi sword fighting
(src:Google images)

So here it is for you to read it and laugh your heart out.

Click Here – It’s on reddit  – Totally hilarious!

I don’t think it is still the norm even in rural parts of Punjab, India.For the people who are hearing this for the first time. Punjab is one of the state in India and some of the communities had this tradition and I assume it is still going.

Some more info here on wiki

And my friend defends the fact that, every father is protective of their daughters and if he ever had a daughter, he would buy a Samurai Sword. I forget to ask why particularly samurai one? must be some attachment to Japan!

anyways this left a smile on my face and I hope it does to you as well.


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