Say NO to Caffeine!

For a great morning
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Statistics shows that 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every day. (Src: Havard School of Public Health )

If you take a quick peek at Harvard’s website listed above, I am not quite sure if they are promoting Coffee to people, for obvious reasons benefits over weigh drawbacks. Besides, anything in extreme is not good for body. Even extreme water intake is not good either, it causes water intoxication. (Want to gain more knowledge: Here it is)

I’ve just had a cup of coffee from Star Bucks of course, not sure if this coffee is making me less appetite or none of foods are invoking my senses. My body tells me that it’s hungry and my senses do not agree to eat any. Lame analogy. I know.

Anything as long as in limits is good for health. Be it exercising, drinks, food, work, love etc in simplest terms, all the tangible and non-tangible products. (Look up the difference here)

Oh.. I guess I am trying to generalize the concept but let us stick to Caffeine consumption. The day for me is incomplete without having a pinch of caffeine through any possible means.

Some of benefits and caveats (Src: Here)

Small amounts of caffeine are found to provide the following benefits:

*Can benefit people who are at high-risk for liver disease.

*Increases muscle strength.

*Increases metabolism by breaking down fat, freeing fatty acids and forcing them to be burned. (Caffeine is the most active ingredient in many diet pills.)

*Increases pain relief medication effects.

*Increases mental faculty.

*Reduces asthma symptoms.

Excess Caffeine – Too much caffeine can cause an array of problems including:

Restlessness, Irritability, Anxiety, Heartburn, Headaches (sometimes severe), High blood pressure, Sleeplessness, Rapid heartbeat, Nausea

Caffeine Comparisons here.

is it worth?
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Are you addicted to caffeine as well?

Addiction for me is to not able to spend a day without consuming it. So, I think I’m totally addicted and trying to withdraw from it. My withdrawal symptoms are making me consume more caffeine instead. The day I decide not to take the day I take loads, may be 2-3 cups.

I have no idea why I am so addicted to coffee, the only benefit I get is – it increases my brain’s efficiency at designing solutions or solving issues at work or to kill the time when I am bored doing mundane tasks.

Fact is that, we can achieve anything and everything without getting addicted to anything in the world. But we follow the trend set by some X person and the whole idea of “Coolness” comes from being part of that “bracket”. It’s like taking pride in carrying a “Louis Vuitton” handbag although they look trashy (at least for me).

Ok, I am no different either, why should I spend $4 on small cup of coffee at star bucks. It’s simple – human beings are crazy! (Now, please do not make me feel guilty by mentioning about how people in poor nations get by day with less than $2). Oh, I am helping American Economy by spending my earnings right here!

So for all my dear blog readers, I request you to try and reduce your coffee intake (well: this affirmation is more for me than for rest of the world.) and replace it with alternatives. Don’t you think, “Health is wealth” right?

I just looked up caffeine alternatives: there are just too many to list. I decided to replace this drink with green tea without caffeine. It not only helps you improve your overall bodily functions but gives bright skin over a period of time. Mind you, it demands persistence and perseverance from you.

Any takers?

P.S: I do think about lives dependent on coffee business alone, but facts are facts right?


2 thoughts on “Say NO to Caffeine!

    • Haha.. that’s the hope. all the way sounds like a big target that is scaring me already. Well, every big task has to start with a small step 🙂 . Give it a shot .. and may be you’ll get addicted to this green tea instead. Who knows!


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